Do you like fun conversation starters? Do you like to rave with your friends by participating in wacky debates? Want to get to know your girlfriend or boyfriend a little better? We invite you to discover many fun and delirious open questions. These questions will be perfect for your evenings with friends or lovers. Each funny question will allow you to have a good time but also to know yourself better.

This can be done in the form of a game where each of you can ask one of these questions to the other people present! Each question may bring up a funny memory or a funny joke. For more fun, do not hesitate to ask for more details following the answers given. Continue to read and choose the best funny questions to ask a new person or your best friends.

Funny questions to ask

Sometimes finding a conversation topic with someone can be tricky, especially if we’re trying to get away from common topics like time, work, or hobbies. Sometimes it’s best to try to surprise someone with unexpected questions that can help you understand the person better and establish a conversation that is a little less conventional and something more fun. These funny questions to ask are the best conversational starters with someone new. Use it to make a good impresion and have a fun conversation.

😂What used to be considered trashy but now is very classy? 

😂If your five-year-old self suddenly found themselves inhabiting your current body, what would your five-year-old self do first? 

😂What kind of secret society would you like to start? 

😂What set of items could you buy that would make the cashier the most uncomfortable? 

😂What is the funniest joke you know by heart? 

😂What two totally normal things become really weird if you do them back to back? 

😂If you were transported 400 years into the past with no clothes or anything else, how would you prove that you were from the future? 

😂Is a hotdog a sandwich? Why or why not? 

😂What’s the weirdest thing a guest has done at your house? 

😂What’s the best inside joke you’ve been a part of? 

😂What would be the best-worst name for different types of businesses? (dry cleaners, amusement parks, etc.). 

😂Toilet paper, over or under? 

😂Who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman? 

😂What are the unwritten rules of where you work? 

😂In one sentence, how would you sum up the internet? 

😂What would be the absolute worst name you could give your child? 

😂What would be the worst “buy one get one free” sale of all time? 

😂What are some things that are okay to occasionally do but definitely not okay to do every day? 

😂What are some of the nicknames you have for customers or coworkers? 

😂What inanimate object do you wish you could eliminate from existence? 

😂Which would you prefer to have as your roommate? A goat or a bird? 

😂What secret conspiracy would you like to start? 

😂What ridiculous and untrue, yet slightly plausible, theories can you come up with for the cause of common ailments like headaches or cavities? 

😂What would be the creepiest thing you could say while passing a stranger on the street? 

😂What’s the most ridiculous fact you know? 

😂Would you rather have no nose, or no arms? 

😂If peanut butter wasn’t called peanut butter, what would it be called? 

😂What would be the worst thing for the government to make illegal? 

😂What is your spirit animal? 

😂Who do you know that really reminds you of a character in a TV show or movie? 

😂What movie completely changes its plot when you change one letter in its title? What’s the new movie about? 

😂First think of a product. Now, what would be the absolute worst brand name for one of those products? 

😂Where did the name Pina Colada come from? 

😂If animals could talk, which would be the most boring? 

😂If animals could talk, which would be the rudest? 

😂What sport would be the funniest to add a mandatory amount of alcohol to? 

😂Which body part do you wish you could detach and why? 

😂If someone asked to be your apprentice and learn all that you know, what would you teach them? 

😂What’s the most imaginative insult you can come up with? 

😂How many chickens would it take to kill an elephant? 

😂What would the world be like if it was filled with male and female copies of you? 

😂What would be your weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse? 

😂What’s the best type of cheese? 

😂You’re a mad scientist, what scientific experiment would you run if money and ethics weren’t an issue? 

😂What is something that you just recently realized that you are embarrassed you didn’t realize earlier? 

😂If you could be a fly on the wall, who would you want to listen in on? 

😂What would some fairy tales be like if they took place in the present and included modern technology and culture? 

😂What’s the weirdest smell you have ever smelled? 

😂If life were a video game, what would some of the cheat codes be? 

😂If you were wrongfully put into an insane asylum, how would you convince them that you’re actually sane and not just pretending to be sane? 

😂What part of a kid’s movie completely scarred you? 

😂What are some fun and interesting alternatives to war that countries could settle their differences with? 

😂If the all the States in the USA were represented by food, what food would each state be represented by? 

😂What mythical creature would improve the world most if it existed? 

😂If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done? 

😂What are some fun ways to answer everyday questions like “how’s it going” or “what do you do”? 

😂What is the sexiest and least sexy name? 

😂What animal is the biggest party animal? 

😂What is something that everyone looks stupid doing? 

😂If you were an artist, what would you paint on your first day? 

😂Where is the strangest place you’ve urinated or defecated? 

😂What would be the coolest animal to scale up to the size of a horse? 

😂What is the funniest corporate / business screw up you have heard of? 

😂Which sport do you think they’ll invent next? 

😂What is something that is really popular now, but in 5 years everyone will look back on and be embarrassed by? 

😂How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza? 

😂In 40 years, what will people be nostalgic for? 

😂If animals could talk, which would be the smartest? 

😂Is cereal soup? 

😂What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever worn? 

😂What movie would be greatly improved if it was made into a musical? 

😂What’s the best Wi-Fi name you’ve seen? 

😂Do you think cavemen had nightmares about cavewomen? 

😂What’s invisible but you wish people could see? 

😂What is the weirdest thing you have seen in someone else’s home? 

Funny trivia questions

Starting a conversation can be very difficult, especially with someone you don’t know very well. Just like the difficulty of starting a conversation, continuing it can be just as difficult. There is a solution to this problem that will help you break the boredom in a way that comforts everyone: funny questions to ask between friends. One of the best ways to break boredom is to bring a little humor to the conversation table. This can instantly make the person you’re talking to feel relaxed, opening up lines of communication very quickly. Read down below and choose the best funny trivia questions to ask your friends.

😄How many floors does the Eiffel Tower have? Answer: Three.

😄What type of race is the Tour de France? Answer: Bicycle race.

😄Who was the first president to visit all 50 states? Answer: Richard Nixon.

😄Where was the first Olympics held? Answer: Panathenaic Stadium, Greece.

😄What animal breathes through its butt? Answer: Turtle.

😄What animal has the biggest eyes? Answer: Giant Squid.

😄What is the Grinch’s dog’s name? Answer: Max.

😄How long was the first Thanksgiving? Answer: Three days.

😄What year was “Jaws” released? Answer: 1975.

😄How many Oscars does Jane Fonda have? Answer: Two.

😄What is the largest bone in the human body? Answer: Femur.

😄How many reindeer does Santa have? Answer: Eight.

😄How many staircases are located in Hogwarts? Answer: 142.

😄In “Star Wars,” who built C-3P0? Answer: Anakin Skywalker.

😄Who was the first couple to win “The Amazing Race”? Answer: Rob Frisbee and Brennan Swain.

😄What species of fish is Nemo? Answer: Clown Fish.

😄How many people tuned into the last episode of “Friends”? Answer: 52.5 million.

😄Which Disney princess has a Scottish accent? Answer: Merida.

😄What is Jack Skellington’s dog’s name? Answer: Zero.

😄How many seasons did “The Oprah Winfrey Show” run? Answer: 25.

😄What comic series is the CW’s “Riverdale” based on? Answer: “Archie” comics.

😄The Princess and the Frog” is set in which American city? Answer: New Orleans.

😄How many colors are in a rainbow? Answer: Seven.

😄Who wrote “A Little Princess”? Answer: Frances Hodgson Burnett.

😄What is the name of Hagrid’s half-brother? Answer: Grawp.

😄What is Hermione’s Patronus? Answer: Otter.

😄What is Texas’ state flower? Answer: The Bluebonnet.

😄In football, how many points does a touchdown have? Answer: Six.

😄What year was Kodak founded? Answer: 1892.

😄What animal’s nickname is “sea cow”? Answer: Manatee.

😄What U.S. state grows coffee beans? Answer: Hawaii.

😄What is the diameter of the average basketball hoop? Answer: 18 inches.

😄Who was the first woman ever inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Answer: Aretha Franklin.

😄How many slices of pizza does America eat per second? Answer: 350-400 slices of pizza per second.

😄Which player from the Dallas Mavericks is an investor in Big Blanket Co., the maker of 10-by-10 foot blankets? Answer: Boban Marjanovic.

😄How Did Leica, the German camera company, get its name? Answer: Founder Ernest Leitz used the first three letters of his last name combined with the first two letters from “camera.

😄What was Sabrina’s cat’s name in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”? Answer: Salem.

😄Where were Doritos invented? Answer: Casa de Fritos at Disneyland.

😄When was Earth Day first celebrated? Answer: 1970.

😄What inspired the creation of Google images? Answer: Jennifer Lopez’s dress at the 2000 Grammys.

😄What year did Dunkin’ Donuts become Dunkin’? Answer: 2018.

😄In what movie does Robert De Niro say, “You talkin’ to me?” Answer: “Taxi Driver.

😄Who was the first Disney princess? Answer: Snow White.

😄What is the name of the world’s hottest chili pepper? Answer: Carolina Reaper.

😄How many legs does a lobster have? Answer: 10.

😄Who voiced Ms. Frizzle on the children’s television series “Magic School Bus”? Answer: Lily Tomlin.

😄What state has the longest freshwater shoreline? Answer: Michigan.

😄How many planets make up the solar system? Answer: Eight.

😄What percentage of the Earth’s wildlife is found in the ocean? Answer: 94%

😄What was the first state? Answer: Delaware.

😄What is the name of Boba Fett’s ship in “Star Wars”? Answer: Slave 1.

😄In “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” what keeps the three-headed dog asleep? Answer: Charmed music box.

😄Which U.S. President was a law professor? Answer: Bill Clinton.

😄What is Taylor Swift’s lucky number? Answer: 13.

😄Who is Barbie’s little sister? Answer: Skipper.

😄Who painted “Girl with a Pearl Earring”? Answer: Johannes Vermeer.

😄Who won first season of “America’s Next Top Model”? Answer: Adrianne Curry-Rhode.

😄How many points does the Star of David have? Answer: Six.

😄How many Academy Awards did “Titanic” win? Answer: 11.

😄What year was the original “Jurassic Park” released? Answer: 1993.

😄What are baby rabbits called? Answer: Kits.

😄How often are the Olympics held? Answer: Every four years.

😄How many pounds of curly fries does Arby’s sell in a year? Answer: 100 million pounds.

😄What year was the first Barbie doll released? Answer: 1959.

😄What’s the name of Ginny’s Pygmy Puff? Answer: Arnold.

😄Who was the first “American Idol” winner? Answer: Kelly Clarkson.

😄What is the name of the mall in the third season of “Stranger Things”? Answer: Starcourt Mall.

😄What is the northernmost point in the United States? Answer: Point Barrow, Alaska.

😄What is California’s state animal? Answer: California grizzly bear.

😄What is Florida’s state bird? Answer: The Northern Mockingbird.

😄What color is a giraffe’s tongue? Answer: Purple.

😄What president was a licensed bartender? Answer: Abraham Lincoln.

😄What are the Cleveland Browns’ team colors? Answer: Brown and orange.

😄When was Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” released? Answer: October 1994.

😄What state is known as the “Badger State”? Answer: Wisconsin.

😄What is Starbucks’ logo? Answer: A Siren.

Funny questions to ask a girl

Did you know you can knock off a complete stranger in an hour by asking the right questions? Science proved it in 1997 when psychologist and relationship expert Arthur Aron did an experiment that determined these questions. Today we’re going to give you something similar, but instead of using that scientific quiz, we’re going to take a look at a bunch of more natural and intimate questions to ask a girl you like. Use these funny questions to ask a girl and start a funny conversation with a girl.

😀Would a particular skill be most useful to you? 

😀Which would you prefer: To be tax-free next year or to receive one month of paid vacation? 

😀What name would you pick if you could choose a new one? 

😀What is the point of shortening John to Jack when they are the same length? 

😀Which decade had the coolest music? 

😀How would you react if you had the power to instantly disappear one celebrity from the spotlight? Who or what would you choose, and why? 

😀What Disney character would you be if you could be anyone? How would you spend your first day if you were this character? 

😀Which human stat or ability would you increase if you could level up humans as a species? 

😀Is there anything funnier than a supervillain threatening the world with a doomsday device? 

😀Do you fear what you will do (or what they will do) if that happens? 

😀It’s kind of silly. 

😀How screwed would you be if you discovered that your internal monologue for the last week has been audible? 

😀Do you have a story about how curiosity killed the cat? 

😀Is there something that makes people think they look cool but actually makes them feel the opposite way? 

😀What if we went to the moon and back together? 

😀When was the last time you thought of something spontaneous but didn’t do it? 

😀How about singing the alphabet song backward? 

😀How does it feel to mess up something so simple? 

😀Would there be any options when you “right-click” people? 

😀Would you like to share your thoughts on reality television? 

😀How would you feel if you drank one gallon of mustard or one gallon of ketchup? 

😀Has it ever been embarrassing to fart in public? 

😀Do you prefer to live in a world of magic or superheros? 

😀You can either get breakfast in bed tomorrow morning from someone special or you get to sleep in as late as you want? What would you prefer? 

😀Would animals show bizarre things about humans if they were to make wildlife documentaries? 

😀Was there anything else you would put at the ends of your arms if you couldn’t use your hands or claws? 

😀If you could curse people with something mildly annoying, what would it be? 

😀What Fictional Character Do You Think Most Represents Yourself? 

😀Which is worse, permanently looking like a fish or permanently smelling like a fish? 

😀Do you believe I am a goofball? 

😀Which job would you like to have if you worked at a circus? 

😀Which word has the most unpleasant sound? 

😀Are you more interested in being a supermodel, a genius, or super-rich? 

😀Can you think of a gesture that could replace the handshake? Would you mind giving a nod or bumping your elbows? 

😀What is the strangest name you could choose for your child? 

😀Which fairy tale was your favorite when you were a child? 

😀If you could erase movie sequels from history, which one would you choose? 

😀How important is more money or more time to you? 

😀Is it a baguette or a naan that would fly the farthest if they were thrown like a Frisby? 

😀Do you think I have a good voice or make mistakes when I sing? 

😀I notice that I don’t show you how much I love you all the time, but I am constantly thinking about you. What if I say that everytime I see you I fall in love with you again? 

😀I had a wonderful time last night with you. May your day be filled with joy and happiness. 

😀If you could master all languages and musical instruments, which would you prefer? 

😀What would you choose as your one magical power if you had the choice? 

😀When it comes to plants, what is your relationship like? 

😀Do You Prefer Sandwiches or Quesadillas? 

😀Have you ever dreamed of being someone else? 

😀Can you think of anything that would be the worst to put in a piata? 

😀What musical instrument do you think has the silliest name? 

😀If you had to pair wine with the world’s best-grilled cheese sandwich, what would you pair it with? 

😀Are there any cartoons that you still enjoy watching? 

😀Suppose you were in zero gravity for the first time. What would you do? 

😀Which store would you choose if you could max out your credit card at one store and not pay the bill? 

😀Which is your favorite song to sing at karaoke? 

😀Have you ever competed in a talent show? 

😀Have you ever been given nightmares by a kid’s movie? Which part of the film was the scariest? 

😀Do you have any weird goals you’d like me to help you achieve today? 

😀What would be worse, 30 days without your phone or living your entire life without dessert? 

😀How did someone tell you the biggest lie of your life? 

😀Is it possible that a plant would miss someone? 

😀Would you be a vegetable if you had the option to be one? 

😀Would You Commit A Crime If You Could Get Away With It? 

😀How much money do you have in your pocket right now? 

😀Which ingredients would be the worst ones to put in a burrito? 

😀What Would You Do If the Zombie Apocalypse Arrived? 

😀How would you describe your life if it had a mascot? 

😀Would you like your clothing or accessories to be able to do something futuristic? 

😀Can you think of a less violent version of rock-paper-scissors? 

😀What is the age at which our hair stops growing? 

😀What would you pay a hacker who threatened to release your browsing history to your family and friends? 

😀What would you have wanted to be skilled at if you could have been a child prodigy?

Funny icebreaker questions

🤩What’s the best prank you’ve ever played on someone? 

🤩Would you rather never use emojis again or never spell right again? 

🤩Wear your clothes inside out for the rest of the game. 

🤩Who was the worst grade-school teacher you ever had? 

🤩What was your favorite Halloween costume you wore as a child? 

🤩If you could pick one member in the group to take to a deserted island, who would it be and why? 

🤩I dare you to cut your hair right now. 

🤩What’s your silliest memory with your best friend? 

🤩If you could be an animal for a day, which would you choose? 

🤩What were words you couldn’t pronounce as a child, so you made up your own? 

🤩What is your most guilty pleasure? 

🤩As a kid, did you ever do something wrong but manage to pin it on your siblings? 

🤩It’s Opposite Day! Answer every question with the opposite statement for the rest of the game. 

🤩What’s the craziest dare you ever took? 

🤩What would you do first if you were invisible for a day? 

🤩Would you rather take part in a zombie apocalypse or a pandemic? 

🤩Would you rather have a dinosaur as a pet or a tiger? 

🤩What’s the funniest animal you’ve ever owned as a pet? 

🤩What’s the strangest family tradition in your family? 

🤩Would you rather go on a date with the Tiger King or dress like him? 

🤩What is your worst dating story? 

🤩I dare you to rap about your colleagues for at least one minute. 

🤩If you could only eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

🤩Would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands? 

🤩Who was your childhood actor/actress crush? 

🤩What’s the craziest fashion trend you ever rocked? 

🤩I dare you to take a shot of a shot we make (the shot can include weird pantry ingredients like eggs, vinegar, or even soy sauce!). 

🤩What are your favorite songs from your teenage years that you still rock out to when nobody else is listening? 

🤩If you were a drag performer, what would your drag name be? 

🤩I dare you to show me your dating apps and let me text someone. 

🤩What totally rad expression did you overuse in high school? 

🤩Recreate your most awkward first date with a person in the group. 

🤩What’s the story of your first crush? 

🤩I dare you to pretend you’re an astronaut and walk and jump on the moon. 

🤩What was your first record, tape or CD that you ever owned? 

🤩Have you ever gotten super lost? What happened? 

🤩What’s your most embarrassing moment from your teen years? 

🤩What was your first job? What did you like/dislike about it? 

🤩What Disney/cartoon character were you inexplicably afraid of as a kid? 

🤩What’s the worst haircut you ever had? 

🤩Would you rather color your hair neon or have a gold tooth? 

🤩If you could pick between dating a superhero or a supervillain, who would you choose? 

🤩Pretend to hold a conversation with a water/beer bottle for at least one minute. 

🤩What did you get into the most trouble for with your parents as a kid? 

🤩What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten for breakfast that is not a breakfast food? 

🤩What’s the funniest thing that ever happened on your family vacation? 

🤩What would you pick if you could choose your own superpower? 

🤩What afterschool activity did you quit as a kid, and why? 

🤩What was your favorite item of clothing as a kid? 

🤩What’s the worst thing you ever did as a kid — and got away with? 

🤩What part of elementary school do you wish you could incorporate into your adult life? (i.e. naptime). 

🤩Would you rather eat only pickles for a week or drink only soy sauce for a week? 

🤩What’s the grossest food you ever had to eat to be polite? 

🤩What’s the most ridiculous thing your parents ever did to embarrass you? 

🤩Do you have any crazy roommate stories? 

🤩Would you rather drive an ice cream truck to work or come dressed as a clown? 

🤩What did you name your first car? 

🤩What was the first concert you ever went to? 

🤩For the next five minutes, you have to respond to every question with only a bark. 

🤩If you could pick one member in the group to kill, who would it be and why? 

🤩Would you rather wear bell-bottomed pants or sport a mohawk? 

🤩What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? 

🤩Would you rather always sing out of tune or never be able to keep up with the beat? 

Funny questions to ask a guy

Getting a guy to talk about himself can be a difficult task. But with the right questions, you will be surprised! Start choosing and asking some of these funny questions to ask a guy to start the conversation and build a connection. You won’t regret it.

🥰️What’s your favorite snack besides me? 

🥰️Has anyone ever walked in on you naked? 

🥰️What’s something that people think makes them look cool, but actually makes them look ridiculous? 

🥰️What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done at someone else’s house? 

🥰️What’s the weirdest app you have on your phone? 

🥰️What is something that is really popular now, but in 10 years everyone will look back on and be embarrassed by? 

🥰️What is the worst fashion trend you’ve ever taken part in? 

🥰️What’s your go-to lie when playing “two truths or a lie”? 

🥰️What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory? 

🥰️Do you consider yourself more of a nice person or a naughty person? 

🥰️Would you rather be able to only whisper or only shout everything? 

🥰️Who is your celebrity doppelganger? 

🥰️What’s the weirdest thing you’ve given someone as a gift? 

🥰️What is something that everyone looks stupid doing? 

🥰️You are about to kick some serious butt, what song comes on as your soundtrack? 

🥰️What is something that I wouldn’t believe about you? 

🥰️Which Hogwarts house would the Sorting Hat most likely put you in? 

🥰️What did you think was silly until you tried it? 

🥰️What’s the one superpower that you wish you had? 

🥰️If you could pick any celebrity to officiate your future wedding, who would it be? 

🥰️Would you rather have bionic arms or bionic legs? 

🥰️What was your first-ever email address or screen name? 

🥰️What’s the craziest thing you’ve done on a dare? 

🥰️What is the weirdest nickname people have ever called you? 

🥰️What’s the most awkward thing that’s ever happened to you on a date? 

🥰️If your life was the “expectation vs. reality” meme what would the two pictures be? 

🥰️What’s a totally terrible movie that you absolutely love? 

🥰️What’s the first thing you wash in the shower? 

🥰️What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done to get a crush’s attention? 

🥰️What’s the best WiFi name you’ve seen? 

🥰️What is the sexiest vegetable? 

🥰️Do you believe in any conspiracy theories? 

🥰️If you came with a warning label, what would it say? 

🥰️What job doesn’t exist but should? 

🥰️What’s the worst thing your parents have ever caught you doing? 

🥰️What do you think will finally break the internet? 

🥰️How long do you think you would last in the Hunger Games? 

🥰️Would you rather dance a jig in front of people or dance naked alone? 

🥰️If you were a wrestler, what would your signature move be? 

🥰️What’s the dumbest rule you’ve ever been forced to follow? 

🥰️Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind, or never speak again? 

🥰️What is the worst lie you’ve ever told your parents? 

🥰️Which mythical creature do you wish was actually real? 

🥰️Would you rather make your internet search history public or your bank balance? 

🥰️If you were a superhero, what kind of secret identity would you have? 

🥰️What would you do if you could become invisible for a day? 

🥰️What’s the most awkward thing that happens to you on a regular basis? 

🥰️Why do men have nipples? 

🥰️If your life was a podcast, which one would it be? 

🥰️What fictional friend group would you like to join? 

🥰️If I say “sexy”, what is the first thing that you think of? 

🥰️What would be the creepiest thing you could say while passing by a stranger on the street? 

🥰️What would your vanity license plate be? 

🥰️What’s something that you are weirdly competitive about? 

🥰️What is the funniest dream that you had that you can recall? 

🥰️If you were famous, what stage name would you use? 

🥰️What are you too old to do but still enjoy doing? 

🥰️What’s the weirdest crush you’ve ever had? 

🥰️If you could marry any fictional character, who would it be? 

🥰️Would you rather eat jalapenos with every meal for the rest of your life or a raw egg every morning? 

🥰️What is the weirdest thing you’ve had in the fridge? 

Funny interview questions

🔅How many cows are in Canada? 

🔅Given a dictionary of words, how do you calculate the anagrams for a new word? 

🔅How many traffic lights in Manhattan? 

🔅What do wood and alcohol have in common? 

🔅How many different ways can you get water from a lake at the foot of a mountain, up to the top of the mountain? 

🔅You are in charge of 20 people, organize them to figure out how many bicycles were sold in your area last year. 

🔅How many ridges [are there] around a quarter? 

🔅If I put you in a sealed room with a phone that had no dial tone, how would you fix it? 

🔅If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out? 

🔅Tell me how you would determine how many house painters there are in the United States? 

🔅What would the name of your debut album be? 

🔅Out of 25 horses, pick the fastest 3 horses. In each race, only 5 horses can run at the same time. What is the minimum number of races required? 

🔅If both a taxi and a limo were priced the exact same, which one would you choose? 

🔅How much money did residents of Dallas/Ft. Worth spend on gasoline in 2008? 

🔅If you were a character from Star Wars, which one would you be? 

🔅If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? 

🔅When a hot dog expands, in which direction does it split and why? 

🔅What should it cost to rent Central Park for commercial purposes? 

🔅If Germans were the tallest people in the world, how would you prove it? 

🔅What football team do you Support? – Why them? 

🔅How would you design a spice rack for a blind person? 

🔅Given 20 ‘destructible’ light bulbs (which breaks at certain height), and a building with 100 floors, how do you determine the height that the light bulb breaks? 

🔅How many lightbulbs are in this building? 

🔅If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you? 

🔅If I assembled three of your format supervisors in a room and asked them about you, what would they say about you that you would say is not true? 

🔅If you could be Batman or Robin, which one would you be? 

🔅Just entertain me for five minutes, I’m not going to talk. 

🔅How would you sell me eggnog in Florida in the summer? 

🔅What do you think would be a fitting epitaph on your gravestone? 

🔅How many planes are currently flying over Kansas? 

🔅How would you explain a database in three sentences to your eight year old nephew? 

🔅Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 how weird you are. 

🔅Why on earth are you here today? 

🔅What is the philosophy of Martial Arts? 

🔅If you were a Microsoft Office program, which one would you be? 

🔅What would I find in your fridge right now? 

🔅What would you choose as your last meal? 

🔅How many bottles of beer are drank in the city over the week. 

🔅If you could be a superhero, what power would you possess? 

🔅You have a bouquet of flowers. All but two are roses, all but two are daisies, and all but two are tulips. How many flowers do you have? 

🔅If you saw someone steal a quarter. Would you report it? 

🔅Would Mahatma Gandhi have made a good software engineer? 

🔅Sell me this glass of water. 

🔅What is your favorite food? 

🔅You’re in a row boat, which is in a large tank filled with water. You have an anchor on board, which you throw overboard (the chain is long enough so the anchor rests completely on the bottom of the tank). Does the water level in the tank rise or fall? 

🔅Do you prefer cats or dogs? 

🔅Please spell ‘diverticulitis’. 

🔅How would you move Mount Fuji? 

🔅An apple costs 20 cents, an orange costs 40 cents, and a grapefruit costs 60 cents, how much is a pear? 

🔅Name 5 uses of a stapler without staple pins. 

🔅How many people are using Facebook in San Francisco at 2:30 pm on a Friday? 

🔅How would you get an elephant into a refrigerator? 

🔅If you were a brick in a wall which brick would you be and why? 

🔅What was the most traumatic experience to happen in your personal life? 

🔅When you go on holiday, when do you pack your case? 

🔅Does life fascinate you? 

🔅How many hair salons are there in Japan? 

🔅Room, desk, and car – which do you clean first? 

🔅If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be? 

🔅If you could be any superhero, who would it be? 

🔅If aliens landed in front of you and, in exchange for anything you desire, offered you any position on their planet what would you want? 

🔅How do you weigh an elephant without using a weight machine? 

🔅What are 5 uncommon uses of a brick, not including building, layering, or a paper-weight? 

🔅How many quarters would you need to reach the height of the Empire State building? 

🔅What’s the most interesting holiday you’ve ever had? 

🔅Why are manhole covers round? 

🔅Sing a song that best describes you. 

🔅Explain [to] me what has happened in this country during the last 10 years. 

🔅What has been your most bizarre life experience? 

🔅How many basketballs would fit in this room? 

Funny questions to ask friends

Questions to ask friends to liven up your evening. You never know what secrets you may uncover when you ask the right questions. It’s fun when you play such games with your friends and end up laughing out loud listening to each other’s stories and experiences. So, dive into our article for exciting and interesting questions and keep the conversation going. Use these funny questions to ask friends and have fun with them.

🌞Would you rather own a dragon or be a dragon? 

🌞What would make you valuable in an ‘end of the world’ scenario? 

🌞What kind of cult would you like to start? 

🌞What will your last words be? 

🌞If you could use magic to do one mundane task for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Bonus question: What would you name the spell?). 

🌞What is the worst fashion decision you’ve ever made? Do you have a picture of it? 

🌞What’s a question you’d like to answer, but no one asks? 

🌞Who would you get to play as you in the movie of your life? 

🌞What is your favorite joke? 

🌞What do you think of the human species? I need an outsider’s opinion. 

🌞If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? 

🌞Would you rather time travel to the past or the future? 

🌞Interesting Questions to Ask Friends. 

🌞If you were the opposite sex for the whole day, what would you do? 

🌞What are some of the guilty pleasures that you’re willing to admit? 

🌞What do think 10-year-old you would tell you now? 

🌞What would be the creepiest thing you could say while passing by a stranger on the street? 

🌞What’s your favorite smell? 

🌞What breakfast cereal has influenced your life the most? 

🌞What do you think is the worst way to die? 

🌞Would you rather be able to play every musical instrument or speak every language fluently? 

🌞What’s your favorite dinosaur? 

🌞Have you ever tried to scream in your head? 

🌞When you poop in a public toilet do you hover, build a nest, or just sit down? 

🌞What’s the weirdest thing you do? 

🌞If you could make a rule for a day and everyone had to follow it, what would it be? 

🌞If you were a serial killer, what would your modus operandi be? 

🌞If you got to choose your name, what would it be and why? 

🌞Who are you and why are you in my house? 

🌞If you could live forever, what would you do? 

🌞Do you wanna build a snowman? 

🌞What is your favorite room in your home? 

🌞If you were to die tomorrow, why not today? 

🌞What is the weirdest or most unexplainable thing that ever happened to you? 

🌞When did you last shower? 

🌞If you could get away with it, how would you kill someone? 

🌞If you were a chair, who would you like to sit on you? 

🌞What song do you want to be played on your funeral? 

🌞Hey, can I have some money? 

🌞If you could pick a day to relive over and over again, what day would it be and why? 

🌞When you poop at home, do you drop your pants around your ankles or take them all the way off? 

🌞If you were a flavor, what would you be? 

🌞Think of someone who you suspect or you know doesn’t like you. What do you think they think about you? 

🌞If you were a transformer, would you need car or life insurance? 

🌞What’s the worst date you’ve been on? 

🌞If you were a kitchen appliance, which one would you be and why? 

🌞When you shower, what’s the first thing you wash? 

🌞Can I see your browser history? 

🌞Which body part do you wish you could detach and why? 

🌞Where do you want to be in an hour? 

🌞Do you have a secret talent? Can you do it right now? 

🌞What is one band or musician you would love to party with? 

🌞If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

🌞Would you eat a person if you really had to? 

🌞What is the largest animal do you think you can beat with your bare hands? 

🌞What are some things that are okay to do occasionally but definitely not okay to do every day? 

🌞How often do you poop? 

🌞What would you not name your kids? 

🌞What crime do you think you’d be arrested for? 

🌞What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? 

🌞If you could have any mythical creature as a pet, what would it be? 

🌞Would you rather lose an arm or a leg? 

🌞What songs are on your zombie killing soundtrack? 

🌞If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done? 

🌞If you could ask one question and be guaranteed complete honesty, what would you ask? 

🌞What’s the weirdest thing you wanted to be when you grew up? 

🌞What is your go-to movie when you need a mood boost? 

🌞If you were given the chance to change your name, what would your new name be? 

🌞What is something your parents or friends would warn me about you? 

🌞If you had to eat a crayon out of its box, what color would it be? 

🌞If you could be the best in the world at something, what would it be? 

🌞How do you plan to commit the perfect crime? 

🌞What’s the most useless talent you have? 

🌞What book or series did you wish you could live in? 

🌞What is your third favorite planet? 

🌞When you were a kid, what name did you give your favorite toy or stuffed animal? 

🌞How big was your biggest poop? 

🌞What item do you hope will be obsolete in 20 years? 

🌞If you had to be in the middle of a human centipede, who would you have in front of and behind you? 

🌞If you were the ruler of the world, who would be your top adviser? 

🌞You know, when I’m in the shower, I think about you. Do you do the same thing? 

🌞What are you proud of, but never had an excuse to talk about? 

🌞Where would you go in case of a zombie apocalypse? 

🌞If you could invent a holiday, what would it be? 

🌞If someone was filming your life up to this point, what would be on the soundtrack? 

🌞On a scale from one to ten, what’s your favorite color? 

🌞Where did you hide the body? 

🌞Would you rather fight 1 cow-sized duck or 50 duck-sized cows? 

🌞Cats or dogs? I mean if you had to, which one would you eat? 

🌞If you could build anything you want, what would it be? 

🌞You are given three wishes by a genie, what do you wish for (no infinite wishes or anything similar to that)? 

🌞Who do you think would win, Superman or Goku? 

🌞What inanimate object do you wish you could eliminate from existence? 

🌞If you could have a lifetime supply of anything, what would it be? 

🌞Would you rather have a dog or be a dog? 

🌞If it’s true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for? 

🌞What’s your life’s theme song? 

🌞How do you hang your toilet paper at home, over or under? 

🌞If you were a fart, would you rather be the ‘loud and proud’ type or the ‘silent but deadly’ type? 

🌞If there were no consequences for a day, what would you do? 

🌞What is the closest you’ve ever come to dying? 

🌞If you could have the power to read my mind but only if I could also read yours, would you want it? 

🌞If you had the option to never have to sleep again, or never have to eat again, which would you choose? Why? 

🌞What is the weirdest question you have asked someone to get to know them better? 

🌞How would your worst enemy describe you in one word? 

🌞What’s the best pick-up line you know? 

🌞When did you screw everything up, but no one ever found out it was you? 

🌞What’s the last thing you did for the first time? 

🌞What is the biggest lie you have ever told? 

🌞Do you sleep with your eyes open or closed? 

🌞Do you think it’s okay for couples to fart in front of each other? 

🌞If you were invisible for ten minutes starting right now, what would you do? 

🌞Have you ever touched human remains? 

🌞How many skeletons are in your closet? 

🌞What’s your most favorite animal in the world? 

🌞What’s your WiFi password? 

🌞If you could make the ultimate sandwich, what would be on it? 

🌞What is the weirdest thing you have seen in someone else’s home? 

🌞What’s the weirdest item you keep by your bed? 

🌞Who needs April Fools when your whole life is a joke? 

🌞Where would no one expect to find the bodies? 

🌞You aren’t going to kill me, are you? 

🌞How dare you? 

🌞Milk before cereals, or cereals before milk? 

🌞What TV show would you want to be in? Which one would you not want to be in? 

🌞What do you like to do when you really don’t feel like doing anything at all? 

🌞If I were to summon you via black magic, which 5 items would I need in each corner of the pentagram? 

🌞Who do you want to be as your celebrity opponent in a death match? 

🌞If you could shoot one condiment from your belly button, what would it be and why? 

🌞Would you prefer to be buried or cremated? 

🌞What is your go-to guilty pleasure song? 

🌞What vegetable would you pick for a fight against a 10-year-old? 

🌞What gives you the right? 

🌞Would you rather eat poop-flavored ice cream or ice cream-flavored poop? 

🌞Which execution method do you believe is the most interesting in history? 

🌞If you could do anything in the world as a career, what would it be? 

🌞So uh…are we doing this or what? 

🌞If you had to remove one color from the world forever, which would it be? 

🌞Would you rather wear shoes every single second for the rest of your life or never be allowed to wear shoes ever again? 

🌞Do you hear the voices too? 

🌞If you could have dinner with any three people from history, who would they be? 

🌞As of right now, if you were to die, what would you leave me in your last will and testament? 

🌞What is something you believe that most people don’t? 

🌞What is something I wouldn’t believe about you? 

🌞Do you squeeze the toothpaste tube from the top or bottom? 

🌞Which Pokemon starter would you choose: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander? 

🌞If you had a pet parrot, what would you teach it to say? 

🌞Do you brag about the random acts of kindness you perform? 

🌞How awesome are your pajamas? 

🌞If you were on death row, what would your last meal be? 

🌞What’s the first thing you do when you are bored? 

🌞When you’re dead but you remember you forgot to delete your browser history. 

🌞If a strand of spaghetti accidentally went out of your nose, would you sniff it back or pull it out with your fingers? 

🌞What do you do with your shopping cart when you’re done with it at the grocery store? 

🌞What’s the strangest purchase you’ve made (or almost made)? 

🌞What can you talk about for hours? 

🌞How many zombies have you killed in your life? 

🌞How many second graders do you think you could fight off before you become overwhelmed? 

🌞If you had a choice, which animal would you be and why? 

🌞Would you rather have a horrible short-term memory or a horrible long-term memory? 

🌞If you were given a million dollars today, how would you spend it? 

🌞If we were to play hide and seek right now, where would you hide? 

🌞If you could do anything to me without me complaining or anything, what would it be? 

🌞If you could have a song play every time you enter a room, what would it be? 

🌞What conspiracy theories do you believe in? 

🌞What is the best excuse for being late you’ve heard or used? 

🌞Who’s number one on your hit list? 

Funny questions to ask your best friend

Even if you and your BFF have been close for years and years and you know all their favorite songs, movies, and celeb crushes backwards and forwards, there are always new things to discover about each other. Or maybe you just recently found your soulmate bestie and you want to get to know them as quickly as possible. Asking your best friend questions is a great way to learn more about each other on a deeper level — that’s exactly what these funny questions to ask your best friend were designed for.

🍀Where’s the craziest place you’ve had s#x? 

🍀Say you had the power to change the world, what would you change? 

🍀Would you rather eat a raw egg or raw steak? 

🍀What artist best describes your s#x life? 

🍀What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done? 

🍀How can you tell if a person is telling the truth? 

🍀On a road trip, how do you spend your time? 

🍀If you had to cancel one TV show, what would it be? 

🍀What’s the worst reason you’ve given for missing school? 

🍀What breakfast food would you be? 

🍀Would you rather live a long life without being able to speak? Or a short life without being able to see? 

🍀If you had to choose one, going blind or going deaf, which would it be? 

🍀What hour of the day is most like your life? 

🍀If you had to lose an eye or an eye, which would you lose? 

🍀What body part would you be interested in getting rid of? 

🍀What movie has completely scarred you for life? 

🍀If you were to start a blog, what would it be called? 

🍀What room in your house is the cleanest? And the dirtiest? 

🍀If you were to save humanity, how would you do it? 

🍀What’s one defining feature that makes you an adult? 

🍀What’s the funniest piece of gossip you’ve ever heard? 

🍀What’s one funny word that describes our friendship? 

🍀What’s your most embarrassing online search? 

🍀How should two countries settle their differences? 

🍀If you had to name your baby after a movie, which movie would it be? 

🍀What’s the last thing you Google searched online? 

🍀What movie completely changes the plot when you add or change one letter in its title? 

🍀What’s the worst story of when you were in high school? 

🍀If you had to blow up one planet, which one would it be? 

🍀What confuses you about the opposite s#x the most? 

🍀What’s your favorite season of the year? 

🍀Which Disney character would you be? 

🍀What’s the best prank you ever pulled on a friend? 

🍀Who is the weirdest crush you’ve ever had? 

🍀What word would your friend say to describe your life? 

🍀What’s the worst Instagram post you’ve ever had? 

🍀Do you agree with people putting pineapple on their pizza? 

🍀What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever done while your mind was wandering? 

🍀How can you tell if a girl likes you? 

🍀What song would you eliminate from earth? 

🍀What’s the most boring sport you can think of? 

🍀What’s the funniest name you could think of for a dog? 

🍀Which celebrity would you eliminate from earth? 

🍀Say you could wish one person to crap themselves right now, who would it be? 

🍀How many chickens would it take to k#ll a moose? 

🍀Would you rather have a million dollars or a million friends? 

🍀Would you rather eat a raw egg or drink sour milk? 

🍀What movie or book do you quote the most? 

🍀What fictional character would you most like to be like? 

🍀What band or musician would you party with? 

🍀If you were given five million dollars, what would you do with it? 

🍀What’s the worst baby name you’ve ever heard? 

🍀If you were in an insane asylum, how would you escape? 

🍀What’s the funniest business screw up you’ve heard of? 

🍀If all states in the U.S. were food, what food would they be? 

🍀Say you could have any superpower, what would it be? 

🍀What’s your worst sk#ll? 

🍀If our friendship was candy, what type of candy would it be? 

🍀What’s invisible but you wish people could see? 

🍀Superman or Spiderman? 

🍀What object would you eliminate from existence? 

🍀Where’s the worst place you’ve had to use the bathroom? 

🍀What are red flags to watch out for in daily life? 

🍀In a zombie apocalypse, how would you survive? 

🍀Say you could travel to space, which planet would you go to? 

🍀If you were being robbed at g#n point, what would you say? 

🍀Why was the alphabet placed the way it was? 

🍀Describe your romantic life in one sentence. 

🍀If you had a husband, what would his name be? 

🍀What’s your least favorite topic to talk about? 

🍀What’s a secret conspiracy that you believe to be true? 

🍀If you were an animal, what would you be? 

🍀If you only had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

🍀What embarrassing thing did your parents catch you doing? 

🍀Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie? 

🍀How would you k#ll a zombie? 

🍀If you have to avoid any type of conversation, what type is it? 

🍀What is the last set of video game cheat codes that you remember? 

🍀What life story does your mom have of you that’s embarrassing? 

🍀Tell me about your biggest kitchen fail. 

🍀What’s one word that transformed your life? 

🍀Tell me the worst story of when you were a teen girl. 

🍀What’s one word to describe the type of guy you want? 

🍀What is your most favorite object? 

🍀What’s the biggest party animal? 

🍀What’s the worst lie you’ve ever told? 

🍀When you’re old, what’s the best story you will tell? 

🍀What’s the hardest you’ve ever worked? 

🍀What are two totally normal things that you do that others don’t find normal? 

🍀If you were on a desert island, how would you get out? 

🍀What mythical creature do you think is real? 

🍀If our friendship was ice cream, what flavor would it be? 

🍀Would you rather have smelly feet or smelly armpits as a teen? 

🍀What was the last piece of good news you had to share? 

🍀What’s one crazy thing you do every night before bed? 

🍀What game have you spent the most hours playing? 

🍀Say you had to give up one thing for the rest of your life, would it be brushing your hair or your teeth? 

🍀What sk#ll do you completely lack in life? 

🍀Which one of your friends has zero filters between their brain and mouth? 

🍀Tell me about a song you absolutely hate. 

🍀What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever done in public? 

🍀What flavor of ice cream are you? 

🍀What is a terrible memory from school? 

🍀What is the worst truth you’ve ever told? 

🍀What is something that’s really important to you but you never get the opportunity to talk about? 

🍀What’s the dumbest thing you ever binge watched on TV? 

🍀What’s the worst first day of school story you have? 

🍀What inanimate object would you marry? 

🍀What’s the worst food to eat? 

🍀Would you rather be a duck or a chicken? 

🍀What is the funniest joke you can recite? 

🍀What’s your most embarrassing moment in life? 

🍀Did you ever play truth or dare as a kid? 

🍀What’s one unwritten rule in your relationships? 

🍀Do you favor your mom or your dad? 

🍀If peanut butter had a different name, what would it be? 

🍀What’s the best type of cheese? 

🍀What would be the worst thing to hear before you went through brain surgery? 

🍀If you had to marry anyone today, who would your husband be? 

🍀What irrational fear do you have? 

🍀Which professional athlete do you hate the most? 

🍀What’s the last thing you ordered from Amazon? 

🍀What’s one word that describes your last relationship? 

🍀Name an outdoor activity have you tried that you would never want to do again. 

🍀You’re about to get into a fight, what soundtrack comes on? 

🍀What’s the weirdest dream job you would have? 

🍀If you died tomorrow, what would you want to leave behind for the living world? 

Funny get to know you questions

🔶Did your parents have alternative name options that they were considering when naming you? What were they? 

🔶What bad smell do you hate the most? 

🔶How old is the oldest pair of shoes in your closet? 

🔶What is the weirdest snack you like to eat? 

🔶If you could shift all of your fat to one part of your body, where would you move it? 

🔶Would you give up showering for a week to get faster internet? 

🔶What obscure thing are you talented at? 

🔶If you could start a club for something silly, what would your club be about? 

🔶How would you describe the way you dance? 

🔶What is the funniest thing you’ve seen a kid do? 

🔶What’s the funniest or craziest thing you’ve ever witnessed in an elevator? 

🔶What’s something people here are obsessed with that you just don’t get? 

🔶If you could have a talking pet, what animal would you want it to be? 

🔶If one of your parents was the president, what would be their first law? 

🔶If someone wrote a book about your life, what would the title be? 

🔶What’s the funniest place you’ve ever fallen asleep? 

🔶What would be the silliest feature of your dream house? 

🔶What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done in public? 

🔶Tell a story about a time you felt super old. What happened? 

🔶What do you wish we could add to the staff break room? 

🔶If you could magically turn into the opposite sex, what would you look like and what would you name yourself? 

🔶Do you think you’ll still be having sex in your 80’s? Why or why not? 

🔶If you could completely get rid of one month out of the year, which month would it be and why? 

🔶What do you do every day here that you wish could be automated? 

🔶What word do you still have trouble remembering how to spell? 

🔶What fictional character would you be best friends with in real life? 

🔶If you were a car, which one would you be? 

🔶If you had a superpower but could only use it once a month, what would it be? 

🔶Do we ever do potlucks here? Who is the reigning pot luck king or queen? 

🔶What’s a common saying that you don’t understand or that you think is odd? 

🔶What’s your go-to dance move? 

🔶Would you rather eat the hottest red pepper or have an enema and why? 

🔶What is the creepiest thing you could say to a perfect stranger? 

🔶What’s the worst fashion or hair decision you’ve made? 

🔶What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? 

🔶What’s the best or worst dad joke you’ve ever heard? 

🔶Do we dress up for Halloween here? What’s the best costume you’ve seen? 

🔶If you could be invisible, whose conversations would you like to overhear? 

🔶If you could interview a celebrity and ask them one question, who would you ask and what would you say? 

🔶If someone brought food to work to share with everyone, what would you most like for it to be? 

🔶What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen someone else do? 

🔶If you were a musical instrument, which would you be? 

🔶If someone asked you to bring something to work that you made yourself, what would you bring? 

🔶If we had an annual “cosplay at work” day, what would you dress up as? 

🔶How do you think the boss would react if we all surprised them with a flash mob? 

🔶What’s something you use every day that you would give up for a year in exchange for the bathroom never being occupied when you need it? 

🔶What’s the weirdest outfit you’ve seen at a business meeting or event? 

🔶What’s the worst hairstyle you’ve ever had? 

🔶What are the craziest honeymoon plans you’ve ever heard? 

🔶If you could invent a new dish, what ingredients would it have? 

🔶If you could eat only one type of food for a year — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — what would you choose? 

🔶What is the funniest thing you’ve ever observed? 

🔶If you could eliminate any bodily function, which one would it be? 

🔶Choose a movie or series title for the story of your life. 

🔶If you had to listen to loud music every day for a year, what would you choose? 

🔶If you were at a funeral, and the body fell out of the casket, what would you do? 

🔶Have you ever bought something after watching an infomercial? 

🔶If you had to mud wrestle with one former U.S. president, who would it be? 

🔶What is the best practical joke you’ve ever played on someone? 

🔶If you could rename your parents based on their personalities, what would their names be? 

🔶What do people remember most about you after meeting you for the first time? 

🔶What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid? 

🔶What one superpower would you give to everyone in the world? How would the world change? 

🔶What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard a child say? 

🔶When was the last time you were so sleep-deprived you put something in your mouth that didn’t belong there? 

🔶If your hometown was a food, what food would it be?

Funny Siri questions

If you own an Apple device, you’ve probably come across Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. Siri is an interesting little assistant, sometimes helpful, sometimes funny and other times, a little sarcastic so-and-so. If you want to have fun use these funny siri questions and see what the responses will be. 

🔸Is Jon Snow dead?

🔸Are you a man or a woman?

🔸Red pill or blue pill?

🔸Are you a robot?

🔸What is your favorite animal?

🔸I love you, Siri.

🔸Will you go out with me?

🔸I’m drunk.

🔸Is winter coming?

🔸Will you marry me?

🔸When is the world going to end?

🔸Doesn’t look like anything to me!

🔸These violent delights have violent ends.

🔸Siri, do you love me?

🔸What was Inception about?

🔸What is the speed of an unladen swallow?

🔸Where is Elvis?


🔸Who let the dogs out?

🔸Talk dirty to me.

🔸What does Siri mean?

🔸How old are you?

🔸I see a little silhouetto of a man.

🔸Are you married?

🔸Do you like Pokemon Go?

🔸I’m naked.

🔸Cease all motor functions.

🔸How much do you cost?

🔸Do you have any pets?

🔸What’s the best phone?

🔸Why do you vibrate?

🔸Are you Her?

🔸What’s your favorite food/drink?

🔸Windows or Mac?

🔸What are you doing later?

🔸How much do you get paid?

🔸Who created you?

🔸Can I kiss you?

🔸Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

🔸Open the pod bay doors.

Funny questions to get to know someone

🌞If you knew the world was ending in 2012, what would you do differently? 

🌞What’s the best/worst gift you’ve ever given/received? 

🌞If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be? 

🌞Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? 

🌞What’s the funniest name you can think of for a pet? 

🌞What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured? 

🌞What’s the most awkward thing that happens to you on a regular basis? 

🌞What’s your favorite indoor/outdoor activity? 

🌞What’s something that people think makes them look cool, but actually makes them look ridiculous? 

🌞What was the last movie, TV show or book that made you cry or tear up? 

🌞What is something you learned in the last week? 

🌞If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet? 

🌞If you were reincarnated as an animal/drink/ice cream flavor, what would it be? 

🌞What is your favorite body part? 

🌞When you have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time? 

🌞What’s your least favorite mode of transportation? 

🌞What is your most unusual talent? 

🌞If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose? 

🌞What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod? 

🌞What was your favorite food when you were a child? 

🌞When was the last time you had an amazing meal? 

🌞If you could know the answer to any question, besides “What is the meaning of life?”, what would it be? 

🌞What was one of the best parties you’ve ever been to? 

🌞What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life? 

🌞What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done? 

🌞What sound do you love? 

🌞What is your first memory of being really excited? 

🌞If you could throw any kind of party, what would it be like and what would it be for? 

🌞What’s something I would never guess about you? 

🌞What do you want to be when you grow up? 

🌞At what age did you become an adult? 

🌞If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be? 

🌞If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? 

🌞If you were immortal for a day, what would you do? 

🌞What’s the cheesiest movie moment or line you can think of? 

🌞Serious question here, do you count your steps? 

🌞When was the last time you were nervous? 

🌞What do you miss most about being a kid? 

🌞What story does your family always tell about you? 

🌞If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do? 

🌞If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor? 

🌞What did you do growing up that got you into trouble? 

🌞What was the last experience that made you a stronger person? 

🌞If you could paint a picture of any scenery you’ve seen before, what would you paint? 

🌞What’s your worst bug-related story? 

🌞Have you ever had something happen to you that you thought was bad but it turned out to be for the best? 

🌞If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to? 

🌞What would you name the autobiography of your life? 

🌞What chore do you absolutely hate doing? 

🌞What is your favorite time of day/day of the week/month of the year? 

🌞If you had to work on only one project for the next year, what would it be? 

🌞What is one of your favorite quotes? 

🌞What was the first thing you bought with your own money? 

🌞What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen a kid do? 

🌞What is your favorite form of exercise? 

Funny trick questions

The puzzles, riddles and mental logic questions are a great tool to stimulate the brain. So are trick questions, specially formulated to confuse or mislead. Faced with these questions, security immediately begins to falter. In fact, trick questions easily lead to mistakes. Are you ready for the challenge? Use these funny trick questions to puzzle your friends a little bit and have fun together.

😏How many sides does a circle have? Two. Inside and outside. 

😏Which letter of the English alphabet flies, sings, and stings? “B. 

😏A boy kicks a soccer ball. It goes 10 feet and comes back to him. How is this possible? He kicked it up in the air right above him. Gravity! 

😏A truck driver goes down a one-way street the wrong way and passes at least five police officers. Why is he not caught? He’s walking on the sidewalk, not driving at the time. 

😏In Nova Scotia, you cannot take a picture of a man with a wooden leg. Why not? You’d need a camera of some kind. 

😏John fell from a ladder 20 feet high. Yet, he was not hurt in the least. Why? He was on the rung closes to the ground. 

😏If you were running a race and passed the person in second place, what place would you be in now? Second place. (If you passed the person in the first place, you’d be in first.). 

😏If you threw a red stone into a green sea, what would it come back as? Wet. (Don’t overthink this.). 

😏You have two coins that add up to 30 cents, and one of them is not a quarter. Which two coins are they? A quarter and a nickel – one is not a quarter, but one is. 

😏There was a terrible plane crash. Every single person on board died, but yet two people survived. How is this possible? The surviving couple was married. 

😏What gets bigger and bigger the more you take away from it? What two words in combination hold the most letters? Post and Office. 

😏What do you call a woman who knows where her husband is all the time? A widow. 

😏A rancher had 500 cows and took one shot that got them all. How did he do it? A panoramic photo. 

😏How can you lift an elephant with one hand? Don’t worry about it, as you won’t find one. 

😏How do you make the number one disappear? Add the letter “G” to the front, and it’s gone. 

😏How many 6” by 6” books can you put in a (2ft x 2ftcontainer so that it is not empty anymore? One, after that, it is no longer empty. 

Funny random questions

🧐What would be the silliest type of behavior that you would make illegal? 

🧐What’s your go-to song to sing in the shower? Can you sing some of it now, please? 

🧐For how long after dropping food on the floor is it reasonable to pick it up and eat it? 

🧐If you had to name your child after a food, what would you call them? 

🧐Male chickens are called cockerels, which is already an unfortunate name. Can you think of a funnier one? 

🧐If you were granted three wishes, what would they be? 

🧐How many liters of milk do you think you could drink before throwing up? 

🧐Is a bowl of lettuce actually a salad or just a bowl of lettuce? 

🧐Which celebrity do I look like? Which celebrity do you (and others) look like? 

🧐What would be your walkout song if you were starring in a boxing match? 

🧐What’s the most random and ridiculous fact you can think of? 

🧐Which sport would be the funniest to watch if all the players consumed six beers. 

🧐What’s the weirdest animal you could create by combining two animals? 

🧐Who’s the strangest person you’ve ever met at a party? 

🧐When you’ve done a number 2 on the toilet, do you wipe sitting down or standing up? 

🧐If you had to dye your hair a bright color for the day, what would it be? 

🧐What human being would you like to have as a pet cat or dog, and why? 

🧐We have first dances at weddings, but if you could do a final dance at your funeral, who would you dance with and what would you dance to? 

🧐How many marshmallows could you fit in your mouth in one go? 

🧐What would be the most inappropriate love song ever written? 

🧐How do you feel about square-shaped pizzas? 

🧐Would you prefer to go skinny-dipping in the winter or sunbathe in a boiler suit in the summer? 

🧐What’s the greatest prank you’ve ever pulled on someone? 

🧐How many t-shirts could you put on and still run a mile in under 15 minutes? 

🧐Do you have any friends that you have nicknames for, you only call them behind their back? 

🧐What would be the most underserved awards show? 

🧐How would our relationship with certain animals change if they changed drastically in size? 

🧐Would you rather be a Jenga block, a game console controller, or a twister mat? 

🧐Can you do any great impressions? 

🧐Which fictional character would make the best roommate? Which would make the worst? 

🧐What would be the worst thing to hear before being given an anesthetic when having an operation? 

🧐How far do you think you could run in 24 hours? 

🧐Do you have any favorite songs that you know word-for-word? 

🧐What would be the worst 3-topping pizza combination you could serve in a restaurant? 

🧐What sport would be improved by adding ‘Mario Kart’-like items to it? 

🧐Who would be the worst celebrity to have dinner with? 

🧐What item, gadget, or vehicle would be more amazing if it had a soul? 

🧐What superhero would you really not want to turn up to rescue you? 

🧐Who would be the most useless leader of your country? What would they do? 

🧐If you were invisible for a day, what pranks would you play? 

🧐What’s the most embarrassing dream you’ve ever had? 

🧐What film would become unwatchable for reasons of cringe, inappropriateness, or depressingness if it changed genres? 

🧐What’s the best April fools joke you’ve ever done? 

🧐If you had to lose one of your five senses, which would it be? 

🧐What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten? 

🧐What’s the worst name you can think of to give your child? 

🧐What would be the best animal to be Godzilla size and rampage around New York? 

🧐You have a pet ferret and you must name it after a politician; what do you call it? 

🧐If you could do a ‘Bruce Almighty‘ and take control of someone’s voice live on TV, who would you control? 

🧐What would be the most useless superpower? 

🧐If your pet could speak, what would be its first comment? 

🧐What’s the best foreign accent you can do? 

🧐What strategy would you use to fight against 15 angry sheep in a field? 

🧐If you had to change the name of the person sitting next to you, what name would you give them? 

🧐What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told? What happened and did people ever find out? 


🧐If you had to be eating something constantly for the rest of your life, what would you choose? 

🧐What’s the most ridiculous animal you actually think would make a good pet? 

🧐What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard someone say in their sleep? 

🧐Potato chips or crisps require a new name – what do you call them? 

🧐If you had to scream uncontrollably for five minutes each day without stopping, when would you schedule it for? 

🧐If you were supreme ruler of the world, what law from the past would you bring back? 

🧐Is there something you’ve always been intrigued to try wearing, but have been too embarrassed to try? 

🧐If you were to put the main character of one movie in another, what would create the best or worst films? 

🧐If you had never heard of ‘cheesecake’ before, is it something you think sounds appetizing? 

🧐What was the worst date you’ve ever been on? 

🧐How would you be most likely to get your 15 minutes of fame? 

🧐What would be the most inappropriate music to walk down the aisle to on a wedding day? 

🧐If you could have starred in any movie, which would you have chosen? 

🧐What’s the most embarrassing thing your parents have ever said or done in front of you and/or your friends? 

🧐Would you rather have bums on your toes and eyes on your fingers, or bums on your fingers and eyes on your toes? 

🧐Why do people get on ‘like a house on fire’? Surely that’s not a good thing? 

🧐What’s the silliest crime you would be caught doing? 

🧐What would be the funniest animal to have a conversation with? 

🧐What do you think dogs would say if they were able to speak? 

Controversial questions funny

The best way to break the ice is humor. These questions will induce laughter and a relaxed atmosphere. But if you want a little bit of spice in your conversation with your friends use these controversial questions funny to make them answer some taugh questions. Read down below and choose the best controversial question funny.

😉Should toilet paper hang over or under the roll? 

😉Would you rather lose both legs, both arms, or one of each? 

😉Would you rather be rich and have no friends or poor but with many friends? 

😉Zoos should be banned. 

😉Have aliens already visited us? 

😉Can we even know if God exists? 

😉Are we living in a dream? 

😉Are morning people more productive than night people? 

😉How many chickens would it take to kill an elephant? 

😉Who would win in a fight between a bear and a gorilla? 

😉If all world leaders were women, would there be wars? 

😉Animal testing should be banned. 

😉Unions are no longer necessary. 

😉Is it OK to ask the genie for infinite wishes? 

😉Would you give up three fingers in exchange for $1 million? 

😉Junk food should be banned in schools. 

😉Going vegan is the only way to save our world. 

😉Should there be a sarcasm font? 

😉If the Earth is not flat, why do we say the ‘corners of the Earth’? 

😉Would you rather be extremely short or extremely tall? 

😉Are blondes really not as smart as brunettes or redheads? 

😉Would you rather travel 100 years forward or back in time? 

😉Homeless people should be given free housing by the government. 

😉Is thirteen an unlucky number? 

😉Is spring better than fall? 

😉Is going out better than staying home? 

😉Are introverts too quiet or extroverts too loud? 

😉Is the American accent better than the British accent? 

😉Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck? 

😉Public prayer should be banned in schools. 

😉Would you rather live in a hot, sandy desert, or the North Pole? 

😉Should we get rid of Mondays? 

😉Is summer better than winter? 

😉Children shouldn’t be allowed to bring devices to school. 

😉What’s the right way to pronounce GIF? 

😉We don’t need affirmative action these days. 

😉When did time start? 

😉Do aliens exist? 

😉If you could have one superpower, which one would it be? 

😉Gay couples should be allowed to adopt children. 

😉Alcohol should only be sold during very limited hours. 

😉Are we living in a simulation? 

😉Would you rather be the hero or the sidekick? 

😉The sale of fur should be banned. 

😉Would you rather be deaf or blind? 

😉Birth control should be free and easily accessible for everyone, including teenagers. 

😉Is being Instagram famous better than being TikTok famous? 

😉If one superhero was real, which one should it be? 

😉Children shouldn’t play violent video games. 

😉Does the Universe have a beginning and an end? 

😉Are ghosts real? 

😉What’s the right way for a dog to wear pants? 

😉If you had the option, would you choose to live forever? 

😉Is water really wet? 

😉Which came first? The chicken or the egg

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