Since it was founded in 1923, the Walt Disney Company has over time become a real economic empire, mainly active in the audiovisual production. Spearhead of course are his animated products, which among feature films, short films and series are now as widespread as part of the collective imagination. In addition to these now famous works, the Disney characters are also particularly loved, creatures of all kinds who over time have carved out a respectable place in the hearts of spectators, large or small.

A lot of Disney’s success is based on the characters, which finds a real trademark in their characterization. Everyone knows at least one Disney character, his story, his way of speaking and his famous jokes. This family becomes more numerous every year, with always new characters aspiring to acquire the status that today can boast icons such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. These are undoubtedly the three characters one thinks of first when it comes to Disney creatures, but there are countless other names to mention.

Disney Characters


Disney brought to life a memorable character known to all adults and children. It is impossible to resist the complexity of such an interesting character, a puppet who turns into a child. A child whose nose grows when he lies, forcing him to be honest and a good person. Pinocchio is a powerful character because of the message he conveys.

Cruella de Vil

Cruella is among the most critically acclaimed and popular Disney characters of all time. She’s also one of the most interesting villains since she owns every scene she walks into. Her perversity is memorable, her fashion sense ruthless.


She is one of the most original and interesting characters in the Disney kingdom. Although she suffers from short-term memory loss, she is always kind and helps everyone she sees. Unfortunately, Disney doesn’t always portray characters with illnesses, but when it does, it creates deep characters that always teach us something.

Winnie the Pooh

Probably the oldest character on this list, Winnie the Pooh has been a staple for young children for decades. It encourages creativity and imagination by being a good friend. Its simplicity, beauty and warmth make it a good model for young children.


The character that gives the name to one of the saddest Disney movies of all time, WALL-E is a robot alone on planet Earth. Despite these two facts, he discovers love during a fantastic journey through the universe. WALL-E is actually an acronym for Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth-Class.

Disney cartoon characters

The Genie of the Lamp

The young Aladdin’s best friend, the “Genie of the Lamp” strongly helped him to win over the young princess, starting with a grand parade in the city of Agrahabah. The Genie is surely one of the most powerful Disney characters. Moreover, he is able to carry out all the wishes of the person who possesses the lamp.

Mickey Mouse
First Walt Disney character. Mickey Mouse is largely accompanied by Minnie in Disney episodes. The two lovers have attracted children since their first appearance on television. At Disneyland, it is possible to take photos in front of the huge representation of the mouse.


Already, a small and talking dragon is able to create an interesting sensation among viewers. Even with her setbacks that got Mulan in trouble, Mushu still managed to protect her. He even held a big place in Mulan’s heart.

Peter Pan

The young man who never wanted to grow up is a well-known character among Walr Disney lovers. Despite his love for Wendy, the young man always wanted to stay with his age. It must be said that this allowed him to stand up to the evil Captain Hook who is looking for all the means to imprison him.

Timon and Pumba

Here is a duo that has amazed Disney lovers from the youngest to the oldest. These two accomplices took personal care of Simba’s education after finding him dying in the desert. Their funny demeanor even while trying to be serious can only amuse viewers.

Female disney characters

Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel is the main antagonist in the animated movie Rapunzel. She is a wicked old woman who has retained her youth for hundreds of years thanks to the healing properties of a magical, golden flower. However, it turns out that the magic flower is used to treat the queen then pregnant with Rapunzel. The latter will inherit at birth the power of the flower. Mother Gothel will kidnap the little one in order to once again enjoy the rejuvenating effect.


In revenge for not having been invited to Princess Aurora’s baptism, the witch Maleficent appears at the party and predicts that before her sixteenth birthday, the princess will die by pricking her finger with the spindle of a spinning wheel. Pimprenelle, one of the fairies, manages to limit the consequences by softening it: Aurore will fall into a deep sleep and will only wake up when she receives the tender kiss of a prince charming. The evil Maleficent will do anything to prevent the prince from breaking the spell. For example, she pronounces an incantation to erect a forest of brambles in front of the castle. Despite everything, the prince manages to make his way, which pushes Maleficent to try to slow him down in another way: she comes between Philippe and the castle and transforms herself into a gigantic dragon. 


In Brave, viewers see Merida, with her voluminous red locks, embark on a grand quest to save her mother from a curse. The reason Merida has to take on this quest is that she is the one who brought her to her family in the first place. The story follows this feisty redhead as she tries to right her wrongs, grow up, and face the reality of her responsibilities as a princess. Merida has many redeeming qualities, making her an incredible role model for viewers. Her red hair also makes for amazing fan art. Yet, compared to other Disney redheads, Merida isn’t as likeable due to the mess she’s made.


Frozen adorable Anna has become a house icon and she has never disappointed fans who are completely obsessed with her and her sister, Elsa. Yet Anna did not understand that her sister had suffered a traumatic childhood due to her secret power. During a time of great uncertainty, Anna decided to leave her kingdom and her people in the hands of a man she did not know. She then embarked on a deadly journey to find her sister – the rightful queen – who didn’t want to be found. Of course, one can’t forget how Anna gets a random guy to be her traveling companion. In the end, without Anna’s courage and persistence, Gelé wouldn’t have had a happy ending. Her bubbly and energetic personality – coupled with her tenacity – is what made her so likeable.


Disney Enchanted is a mix between the real world and the animated world. This unique aspect made the movie more interesting as it gave viewers a more relevant princess story. Giselle is a likeable character due to her many charms and flaws. She learns the meaning of true love, an important lesson. She’s a princess whose story truly melts viewers’ hearts and remains relevant in the Disney movie timeline.

Male disney characters

Doctor Facilier

Doctor Facilier, the villain of The Princess and the Frog, was inspired by  Michael Jackson. The great resemblance between the two is manifested not only by a slim and slender silhouette and by a very original style of clothing, but also by the choreographies that the character performs during the cartoon. The postures and movements are also the same as those of the “King of Pop”.


Although the chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff is the star of the show, Tigger is undeniably a fan favorite, and he comes with a catchy Sherman Brothers song to convey that. It’s bouncy, bouncing, flying, bouncing, fun-fun-fun-fun-fun, and its theme is absolutely unforgettable. The difference between a character like Pooh and a character like Tigger is that Pooh is merely animated and Tigger is obviously cartoon. Ergo, he needs a wild, goofy theme song that’s as bouncy and jerky as he is. His movement matches his music, and he fits in perfectly.

Bruno Madrigal

Of all the characters in recent years to have a song about them, their name and/or their reputation, no song is as infectious or persistent as “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. Encanto is already coming to the plate armed to the teeth with Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s musical stylings, but it’s the song that became an overnight sensation. They may not talk about Bruno, but the Madrigals will certainly sing about him. In short, it was the perfect cocktail of music, lyrics and subject matter that came together to give the audience this catchy yet chilling composition. It told the story Bruno devised, explained his powers, and served as a teaser for his introduction. While being hummed and sung by the public today.


The children’s favorite ursid – although, Winnie the Pooh must compete with it – is the comic surety of The Jungle Book. His character is a hymn to good humor, and on top of that, he is a perfect instructor for little Mowgli. Humor, pedagogy: it doesn’t take much to be happy.


The crab is to Ariel what Baloo is to Mowgli: a loyal instructor devoted to the proper development of the hero. Sebastian even comes close to going down the drain for Ariel, no kidding, while giving King Triton a huge lesson in fatherhood. He plays the role of the benevolent uncle a little, you just have to see his look when Ariel rushes into the arms of Prince Eric.

Cute disney characters

Robin Hood

The forest is his home. He established his lair there. He is a different kind of hero because he plunders the wealthy for the benefit of the poor. He is a young man close to the underprivileged stratum and who often helps them with his income. Only that these revenues come from various thefts that he operates most often by cutting off the road to wealthy travelers. Robin is a brigand but with a heart of gold.


Rapunzel is one of the most adored heroine princesses in Disney films. She shines like an innocent and candid little ray of sunshine. It is impossible to remain insensitive to his joie de vivre. The young princess will see her strong personality unveiled when Flynn Rider bursts into the tower in which Rapunzel has been kept since she was young. The latter decides to take her on a trip to the kingdom of Corona so that she discovers the outside world. It will be an adventure that will allow the young girl to develop hidden skills within herself.


A candid, innocent, peasant-looking young girl is the only daughter of Maurice, her father, who has been held prisoner by the prince. The latter being transformed into a hideous beast kept himself away from human beings. Coming to the rescue of her father, Belle found herself trapped by the beast as well. Between determination, courage, patience and devotion to others, she will end up breaking the spell that has been cast on the prince. The values ​​it embodies prove that we must pay attention and love to everyone in society.


Aladdin is the super hero character who goes to everyone’s rescue. Using the magic lamp he invokes the genie who helps him to realize his wishes. The most important being to marry the sweetheart of his heart Jasmine. Aladdin will try by all means to become a prince in order to woo Jasmine. Then he will also release the genius from bondage. This handsome, charming and cute character can only tame the heart.

The Hunchback

This film, which is the 48th “classic animation” from the Disney studios, adapts the great classic Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo (1831) and modernizes it. The Paris of the Middle Ages has never been so beautiful, at once colourful, luminous, dark and dramatic. The Hunchback of Notre-Dame can count on a catalog of famous songs ( Rien qu’un jour , Charivari ) and a great visual ambition. Less known than The Lion King or Aladdin, it is nonetheless a great Disney of the 90s.

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