Looking for a new show to watch on Netflix? You have come to the right place. A new year begins and there are many new TV series to watch all in one breath. Also in 2022 we are ready to report, month after month, the most interesting TV series to see on Netflix. The offer is always richer and finding your way around the dense catalog of the service becomes difficult. 

Let’s face it: binge-watching TV is now the norm. We no longer wonder if we should do a show in one session. We’re just wondering which show to break into next. To answer that question, we’ve compiled a list of the top best shows on Netflix to watch right now. From multi-season comedies to chewable miniseries, these shows are sure to be your next addictive obsessions. Read down below and see which are the best Netflix series.

Netflix series

The Umbrella Academy

In 1989, forty-three children were born when the mothers were not pregnant before giving birth. An eccentric billionaire, Reginald Hargreeves, adopts seven of them (five boys and two girls), because they are said to have superpowers. They raise them the hard way, and train them to form a group of vigilantes: The Umbrella Academy. After killing and arresting lots of bad guys, over the years, this reconstituted sibling has fallen apart, each going their own way. 2019. Reginald dies and the siblings reunite for his funeral. One of them announces to them that they only have a few days to save humanity. Just that ?!

Shadow and Bone

Adapted from the literary trilogy written by Leigh Bardugo: Grisha, Shadow and Bone immerses us in a magical universe inspired by the Russia of the Tsars in the 19th century. The series follows the adventures of Alina Starkov, a young cartographer who works for the army of the kingdom of Ravka. Recruited to accompany the Grisha, powerful magicians who fight against the Fold, an evil fog that is tearing the country apart, Alina will discover extraordinary powers. She is the summoner of the sun, the only one who can free Ravka from this curse. But the Grisha world is dangerous, and she won’t be able to trust just anyone.

Love, Death & Robots

With production David Fincher, who needs no introduction, and Tim Miller, director of the first Deadpool and the next Terminator (highly anticipated for November, since Linda Hamilton is reprising her role as Sarah Connor), coordinating several animation studios around the world (USA, France, Korea, Canada, etc.), Netflix is ​​delivering a new anthology series for an “informed” audience. Or not. However, this is the paradox and the feat of Love, Death & Robots, a real UFO, Innovative and Intriguing Visual Object, to be much more deceptive than its first impression.

The Witcher

Based on the popular eponymous literary saga by Andrzej Sapkowski (also adapted into video games, no less popular, by CD Projekt), the series The Witcher (or Le Sorceleur en VF) is mainly interested in the character of Geralt de Riv. This mutant, a seasoned fighter capable of using magic and alchemy, scours the Continent in search of monsters to kill, if possible for a fee. This bounty hunter and his brotherhood of Witchers interfere very little in the affairs of the humans, elves and other races that make up this dark fantasy world.

Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass is Netflix’s all-new initial horror series that everyone’s been talking about all the way to Halloween. The new series just launched on Friday, September 24. Mike Flanagan created Midnight Mass. For those unaware, Flanagan is also behind The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor, which are considered some of Netflix ‘s best horror movies reveals so far. Midnight Mass, the series from director Mike Flanagan, is receiving praise from author and titan of the horror genre Stephen King. This is Flanagan’s latest project for Netflix after working with them on several films and series, including The Haunting of Hill House, which earned him praise from fans and critics. 

Best Netflix series

The Haunting of Bly Manor

The haunting of Bly Manor” is to be taken as a beautiful ghost story (or a love story as the characters say) rather than a horror series. Once this fact is accepted, you can attempt this journey, the ins and outs of which, however, remain unclear. The story initially takes up the short story by Henry James, “The Turn of the Nut”, which was already taken up in the film “The Innocents” in 1961. Many winks will also be made in honor of the film throughout the series, such as the haunting song “o willow waly”. To sum up the story in a nutshell, it’s about a young governess who arrives at an isolated mansion in the English countryside to look after two young orphans. She gradually realizes that the former governess and the former valet, now dead, seem to haunt the two children.

The End of the F***ing World 

A second season for The End of the F***ing World, the series created by Charlie Covell which enchanted us two years ago and which we would have liked to see remaining in the state of a miniseries? As often in the case of a small miracle with fragile and cracking refinement, the thing seemed as useless as it was perilous. Admittedly, the end of season 1 remained “open”, with the presumed death of one of the two main characters; but its twilight color, on a desolate seaside as if lost at the end of the world, gave a metaphysical character to what could ideally serve as the conclusion to the road movie, animated by two teenagers caught in the criminal turmoil.

Black Mirror

Since its last two seasons on Netflix, Black Mirror has changed considerably to the point of becoming an anthology with increasingly indistinguishable DNA. While its concept revolved around reflections on technologies and its deviations, the series ended up blurring the lines concerning its identity from season 3, the premiere on the American streaming service. Greatly increased productivity for much less regular seasons, that’s what we could learn from this relocation to the VOD juggernaut. Black-mirror has become a not always happy melting pot of medium-length (even feature-length) films of all kinds, taking place in a past, present or future universe, ranging from romance to war film through thriller.


Abandoning live action in favor of a very clean animated design and entrusted to the showrunner Warren Ellis, scriptwriter of British comics (and not the Australian composer of the same name), CASTLEVANIA is adorned with an unusual format for its launch, i.e. 4 short episodes of 25 minutes each. A choice no doubt justified by a feverish expectation and an obvious uncertainty as to the reception of the public.

Stranger Things

The starting premise of  “Stranger Things”  is quite familiar to fans of the genre, in a town lost in the depths of the United States, the town of  Hawking in Indiana, a child disappears under mysterious circumstances. His friends decide to go looking for him and have to face paranormal phenomena in an adventure strewn with pitfalls. That’s when they stumble upon a strange little girl on the run who may be the key to all the mysteries lurking in this seemingly quiet little town. This kind of tribute to the cinema of yesteryear is far from being a novelty in the nostalgic movement of recent years with films like  “Super 8” by JJ Abrams or “Midnight Special” by  Jeff Nichols  which referred in a non- simulated in the Spielbergian universe, but it was still unheard of in the serial format.

New Netflix series

The Sandman

Of the greatest comics of all time, the ones that made a mark on comics and won legions of fans along with a whole heap of accolades, Watchmen usually comes first, and at one point or another, Sandman ends up being quoted in turn. With its strange flattened designs, its gothic tale-like story and its dreamlike world in which DC superheroes rub shoulders with mythological figures, deities, historical characters or incarnations of Desire and Death, the artwork created by Neil Gaiman is as beautiful and fascinating as it is cryptic and complex.


After OJ Simpson and Andrew Cunanan in the first two seasons of American Crime Story, Ryan Murphy continues his gruesome dissections with Dahmer: Monster – The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix. While the platform will soon welcome  Jeffrey Dahmer: Self-Portrait of a Killer on the same subject, the creator of Ratched has chosen docudrama, summoning his faithful Evan Peters as well as Richard Jenkins ( The Shape of Water ) for the title role and Penelope Ann Miller as overwhelmed parents.

Never Have I Ever

The series is titled Never Have I Ever, conceived by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, and is made up of two seasons of ten episodes each : the first release in April 2020, the second distributed starting from 15 July 2021. The protagonist is Devi, a student of Indian origin, who after an incredibly unfortunate first year of high school marked by the sudden death of her father and the temporary loss of the use of her legs, decides to start the second with the intention of not only changing her social status, but also that of her inseparable friends, Fabiola and Eleanor.

First Kill

Adapted by specialist writer VE Schwab from her own story contained in the anthology Vampires Never Get Old: Tales with Fresh Bite (2020), First Kill unhesitatingly blocks all the typical boxes of the ‘YA’ genre, from an interracial love story to high school students who discover their homosexuality, passing through a supernatural context to act as a picturesque setting. It is the very classic American story of the type ‘a girl meets a girl’ , a young vampire realizes that another young girl is an expert hunter of her own kind, tries at first to jump around her neck and bleed her, the other try to pierce her in the heart, they still end up indissolubly falling in love with each other.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

The protagonist is a street boy, David Martinez, who lives with his mother, who breaks her back every day to be able to afford the Arasaka Academy fee for her beloved son. David is a decent student, a rather intelligent young man, but also a free spirit, far from the sights of the corporations and intent on always staying on top of him. Following a bad accident, his mother, Gloria, sadly loses her life and David is first harassed by his companions and then expelled from the Academy. Convinced to avenge Gloria and take a place in the world that he believes rightfully he lets himself be “opened” by his trusted Ripperdoc and modified with a military-type Sandevistan implant : as powerful as it is dangerous for the body and mind.

Netflix original series

Anatomy of a Scandal

Developed by David E. Kelley and Melissa James Jibson, the series follows the scandal involving James Whitehouse (Rupert Friend), a British minister very close to the head of the government. The politician cheated on his wife Sophie (Sienna Miller) with one of her employees, Olivia Lytton (Naomi Scott), but the woman’s accusation is much heavier: Whitehouse allegedly abused her. If James is accused, it is Sophie who will have to face the consequences of the trial and suffer over her husband’s choices. Truth and lie are intertwined in this thriller in which perfection is only a facade and the scandal will deeply affect the certainties of the powerful, who will have to deal with the consequences of their decisions.

Night Stalker: The Hunt For A Serial Killer

The episodic documentary, the television series The Night Stalker: Hunt for a Serial Killer deals – as a docu-series – with the true story of the crimes of one of the most famous and ferocious murderers, who spread terror and violence during the Californian summer nights in 1985. So Netflix presents the television series: Behind the allure of sunny Los Angeles in 1985 hides a diabolical serial killer. In this true crime story, two detectives will do anything to catch him.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

In the past we had known  Sabrina Spellman  through the sitcom  Sabrina, Bewitched by  ABC, which had teleported us with a rather light and surreal atmosphere in a way made of spells and magic, even before the hit series  Steghe. The sit-com series for a young audience was going to tell the adolescent events of a half-blooded witch (daughter of a sorcerer and a mortal). The protagonist Sabrina was played by actress Melissa Joan Hart, known to the public exclusively for this part.


Outlander has made us dream for years with its troubled but wonderful love story, with exciting historical events and with the charm of time travel. The new season, the fifth (inspired by the fifth novel in the series) gives us new adventures and many emotions, as the arrival of the American Revolution weighs on the destiny of the protagonists. In the fourth season, which aired from November 2018 to February 2019, Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) settled in North Carolina on a small estate renamed Fraser’s Ridge. A series of events lead Jamie to support the English crown, but this alliance will lead him to clash with the Scottish rebels, including his long-time friend Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix).

Sex Education

The third season of Sex Education, available on Netflix, picks up the thread of the previous one and, like any college drama, bases its rhythm on the school year. The return to school, the confrontation with the small, big changes that took place during the summer, the challenges and problems of an age that runs at insane speeds. Unlike the past two seasons, however, the eight new episodes of Sex Education are more maintenance, in a narrative that does not change the formula of the past and does not add new elements to the (already fed) cast, preferring to deepen what was previously introduced.

Netflix series to watch

Inventing Anna

There is the glamorous world of New York; there is the enigma that is painted in yellow, in a sort of continuous run-up between justice and fraud ; there is above all the great and recognizable talent of Shonda Rhimes. After Grey’s Anatomy, The Rules of the Perfect Crime, Bridgerton, the most influential of the American showrunners, creates a product destined to remain in the imagination with Inventing Anna. The Netflix series, in nine episodes (curiously very long for a streaming platform), tells the story of the fake German heiress Anna Delvey, born the Russian Anna Sorokin (played by Julia Garner).


The first season of Arcane serves, on the one hand, to tell the origins of some of the most beloved heroes of League of Legends. Not only Vi and Jinx: Catylin, Viktor and Jayce will also alternate on the screen, just to mention the central characters of this first series of episodes. On the other hand, it serves to introduce the world of Valoran, the balance of power between Piltover and Zaun and the birth of Hextech, the technology that allows everyone to obtain supernatural powers.

Squid Game

The cult series of the moment comes from South Korea, the new frontier of the global imagination. Squid game attracts with its playful mechanism in which the theme of the game is a trigger and a narrative model at the same time. Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), a divorced and overwhelmed man in debt, is approached by a mysterious businessman who offers him to participate in a series of old children’s games in exchange for the promise of a solid win. in cash. Locked up in an unknown place along with 456 other people with the same problems, he discovers an environment of violence and surveillance.


Bridgerton follows the story of Daphne Bridgerton ( Phoebe Dynevor ), the eldest daughter of the powerful Bridgerton family as she makes her debut in the competitive London marriage market in the Regency Era. Daphne wants to follow in her parents’ footsteps and find true love, and initially her hopes seem well pinned. But when her older brother begins to discard some of her eligible suitors, the scandalous chronicles spread by the mysterious Lady Whistledown risk putting her in a bad light. The desirable and rebellious Duke of Hastings ( Regé-Jean Page ) comes into play, a committed bachelor and considered the ideal match by all debutante mothers. Although Daphne and the Duke claim they don’t want anything the other has to offer, their attraction is undeniable and sparks fly. As they find themselves caught up in a growing battle of cunning and sentiment, they have to contend with high society’s expectations for their future.

The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting Of Hill House is a Netflix Original series based on the book by Shirley Jackson. The premise is simple. The Crain family move to Hill House with the intention of doing it over the summer and turning it upside down. But Hugh and Olivia Crain, along with their five young children, have no idea what will hold them and how it will change their lives forever. The ten-episode arc covers the events at Hill House in disturbing detail. The siblings – Steven, Shirley, Theodora, Luke and Nell – have all grown up and it’s been 26 years since they last set foot in the house. We meet them as adults, each in their own way. Then a phone call from Nell turns their lives upside down.

Good series on Netflix

The Crown

The Crown is the Netflix TV series about British royalty that has triumphed from Europe to the United States. The Crown, from an idea of ​​screenwriter Peter Morgan, is an English television series produced by Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures for the Netflix streaming channel and focused on the life of British Queen Elizabeth II and her (large) family, starting in 1947 until the early years of the new millennium. With the first three series – released in November 2016, December 2017 and November 2019 -, from the marriage of Elizabeth to the 80s, he collected critical awards, both for the authors and producers and for the stars, mainly British, who they took turns in representing the main characters.

The Queen’s Gambit

Beth is an orphan, alone, angry, and after her mother’s suicide she finds herself in an orphanage more like a psychiatric hospital than a home, where the little guests are given colorful green pills which, more than tranquilizers, are amazing. In the basement of the villa she meets a lone caretaker who plays chess with himself and who teaches her the rules of the game; in a few weeks it becomes clear that Beth is a prodigy, and that her future will be played out on those boxes. Chess will become for her an escape route, an obsession, so much so that the green pills will be religiously preserved to provoke vivid hallucinations, and play endless games.

Money Heist

Eight people are recruited for an ambitious robbery: to break into the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, the Spanish national mint in Madrid and print 2,400 million euros and then disappear without a shot being fired. Such a brilliant project was conceived by a man who has given himself the pseudonym of professor and who also has the insight to associate with his plan the right people, competent in the world of theft but also desperate, who have nothing in this adventure to lose Each member of the gang is given the name of a city (Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Helsinly and Oslo) because everyone’s identities must remain secret and it is forbidden to establish personal or sentimental relationships. The protagonists hide for five months in an estate in the countryside of Toledo to prepare properly: the plan was designed so that there are no casualties. The kidnappers’ entry into the Mint is successful and bank officials are taken hostage, including a class of visiting students at the time.


Ozark, the new Netflix series created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams, arriving on July 21, is certainly not without its flaws. It has a slow start, characters so compromised as to be sometimes too unbearable, even if the intention is just that (but one thing is a film, another is a series that requires the audience to go back to “tune in”) and limps a little bit at the starting gates, slowly finding his very personal but very dark voice.

Sex Education

Netflix is ​​certainly not a company that wastes time, when it guesses a product, feeds it and supports it with great enthusiasm, so much so that just two years after the arrival of the first season on the platform, Sex Education is already in its third cycle of episodes, available all together from September 17, 2021. The series, created by Laurie Nunn and directed by Kate Herron and Ben Taylor, which had brought a breath of fresh air to the serial landscape, is replicated, with a decent final result, but changing its soul.

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