Yet another romantic date with a candlelit dinner and a bouquet of red roses? The time has come to change and leave room for creativity. A really successful first date can also be a little more original! After all, it’s the out-of-the-ordinary experiences that are never forgotten. Fortunately, the days in which we always left the organization of the evening to our him are over. So why not think of some unusual ideas for you and your date?

First date: do you know how to behave, what to say or do? If you want it to be unforgettable, you need advice for the perfect first date. Here are some ideas for first date and making your first date unforgettable. 

First date ideas

Shopping tour

In this case, when we talk about “shopping” we don’t mean the classic shopping trip, looking for a simple pair of jeans or a skirt. We refer to vintage markets, street festivals, dusty antique shops and crazy design shops: shopping can be so much more than just finding the next casual dress. Especially the small and quirky boutiques entice you to browse for hours. Taking a relaxing walk, without time pressures or forced stops, is more than pleasant with the guy you are meeting by your side.

Extraordinary tasting

A traditional appointment is to spend a few hours having an aperitif. Simple, quiet, but above all … normal. Why not change this tradition a bit? A variation could be that of a tasting of wines and local delicacies. The atmosphere will melt in a short time and will ensure that there is not that awkward silence that very often falls on the first date when you have no arguments. By tasting and tasting, you can compare your tastes and preferences, discovering something more about each other.

Night picnic

Have you ever had a picnic at sunset or in the evening ? Then it’s time to start. The scenery? A blanket, lots of treats, candlelight and a charming boy next to you. Magnificent. The dim light makes everything wonderfully romantic and you can approach each other in a relaxed way. The perfect place is usually a park in the spring or summer months, but if one of you has a terrace or a large back garden, even better. If you are on vacation, the ideal view for a night picnic is on the beach by the sea or by a lake.

Tour of your city

Why not be a tourist in your city? City tours don’t have to be boring and pedantic. On the contrary, you can have a lot of fun in the company of a guy we are meeting. Whether it’s a canal tour by boat, a night trip to some museum, a guided tour of the best graffiti in the city or a sightseeing tour aboard a comfortable double-decker bus – you are sure to have fun during the your first date.

Dance lesson

An original version of the typical “let’s go dancing”. Instead of going to a crowded nightclub, why not try to learn how to juggle to the beat of the music? A jump or a lindy hop, it’s up to you. Especially the “old” dances can make the evening even more fun. A passionate salsa or a romantic waltz or a wild rock’n’roll ? It’s best to take a trial class together and learn a dance style you both don’t know yet.

Good first date ideas


Of course, going bowling is also a classic among first dates, but that’s what makes it extremely fascinating. In fact, unlike many other traditional events, bowling never goes out of style and never gets bored! It is perfect in any case, even if this hobby is not your forte. Don’t worry, it will make the evening even more fun and make you laugh. If you are a bowling queen, then knit it and put it all on your talent. Show him how a girl can excel in everything.

Watch an outdoor movie together

As the warmer months arrive, calendars are bursting with opportunities to take your favorite outdoor activities and turn them into a fun first date. It’s hard to find a city these days that doesn’t have outdoor movies all summer, and they’re great activities for a first date. Most of these events are free, so get there early to make sure you have time to talk to each other before the movie starts. When it’s warmer, one of the best ways to spend time with someone is outdoors. Here are some ideas on how you can make this happen for your next date. If you’ve never been to an outdoor movie, they’re basically movies shown on a giant screen in parks or parking lots.

Go to a board game bar as a fun first date

If you’re looking for fun date ideas, board games are an easy way to spend quality time with your date. Additionally, there are bars that provide board games for rent for clients. Be creative and ask your date to play a nostalgic game of monopoly or risk! Board game bars have a fun and relaxed atmosphere so a first date doesn’t have to be stressful. The low pressure environment allows you to get to know your partner better and even laugh together!

Visit the local animal shelter

If you’re looking for a way to pamper yourself and have an unforgettable date at the same time, then head to your local animal shelter! It is so easy to get lost in the conversation with your companion because all you will be looking at are each other’s eyes if they are not fixed on the adorable cat or dog that has approached and started sniffing their hand.

Go to a vintage market

No, your goal is not to buy. A vintage market is fun because you can find a thousand objects you never even imagined existed, let alone the function. There are the games from your childhood that your mom had trashed and the 90s t-shirts that you didn’t think would be back in fashion so quickly. You will feel like Alice in Wonderland and sharing your joy will be a laugh-proof experience.

Best first date ideas

Go to a street food festival

It’s getting harder and harder to find a weekend where they don’t have a street food festival somewhere in the city. The advantages? It costs little, you discover foods you did not know, you have fun experimenting and you come home full. Plus, the atmosphere makes you feel much more at ease than a fancy restaurant would.

Escape room together

In the last period, escape rooms, a live game imported from the United States, have sprung up in many cities. They lock you in a room with your group of friends, give you 60 minutes of time and a mystery to solve. If you want to know all of his skills, from practical ones to logical ones, this is the right way to put him to the test. And then you can celebrate if you come out as a winner! Not bad, right ?!

Play cards 

You have always played with your grandmother and there is no time when a family dinner, from Christmas to Easter, is not baptized with a deck of cards. It is time to rediscover this pleasure with him too. After Scala 40, Machiavelli or Ramino, things can get more interesting. Strip poker always lifts the fortunes of the evening in an unexpected way.

Go to the supermarket together

You can find a thousand excuses to drag it with you to a supermarket: you didn’t have time during the week and you want to prepare a home-cooked dinner. The second proposal we are quite sure it will not resist. In the meantime, between one lane and another you can have fun and find out what it can’t resist.

Cook together

Hey, the days are gone when you invite him over to your house and make dinner yourself. Now to have fun you can do everything together: experiment from appetizer to first course, prepare pasta at home, try to make a jam tart that does not have the consistency of a Frisbee. Whatever happens, it will be a success: either you will eat very well or you will have material to make fun of it for a long (long) time.

Fun first date ideas

Go to the locals for dinner

Usual restaurant? No thank you! A series of sites are spreading, which allow you to book a dinner at the home of those who are passionate about cooking and want to let people know their culinary traditions, international and regional, to people. They are lunches or dinners open to a variable number of people and there is the possibility that you make interesting acquaintances and can chat more and less even with foreigners. A different evening from the other in front of a good dish and a good glass of wine. Who knows how your him behaves in the midst of others?

Go climbing

You don’t have to be a master climber, really! If you have a fit body and you like to play sports, this is a possibility that you must evaluate. You don’t need any special preparation and there are simple levels even for beginners. If he’s the muscular dude, you won’t miss a single bicep of his as he climbs the wall like a gecko. And then Spiderman kisses so well …

Go to a bookstore together

You know the protagonists of Harry meet Sally or Notting Hill? Here, one of their convict meetings was in the bookstore. You know, between a shelf and the other we slip a few sexy looks. Ah yes, of course, maybe you find that book you were looking for so much.

Go to a playground together

Have the rides arrived in your area? Well, the amusement park isn’t just a thing for baby boys. Take a nice nostalgic ride, remember the good times of bumper cars and butt-kicks, and maybe go shooting. It will all be very surreal and maybe you bring home one of those fluffy stuffed animals. Go for the furry unicorn now!

Have breakfast together

Maybe choose a place where they serve a hearty English breakfast with giant cups of coffee, scrambled eggs, bacon, bagels, but also donuts, cheesecake or muffins. If all goes wrong, you have consolation at your fingertips.

Cute first date ideas

Listen to live music

This does not mean going to a concert, which is an experience that is usually shared with those who have the same musical tastes or a certain degree of confidence. Find out about his favorite genres, then check out the clubs and pubs in town that feature live music and get involved in the sound: music can usually work wonders.

Play mini golf

Minigolf is not just for children: it is an activity that allows you to chat, but without the interference of cell phones. It’s an excellent opportunity to get to know each other better and have a laugh … unless she hits the hole more times than you do!

Try the karaoke

Do you really want to hit it and sink it? Invite her to a karaoke. Showing her early on that you aren’t afraid to make fun of yourself, or even better, that you have exceptional singing skills, can be a turning point in your newly started relationship. Then if she loves to sing too, imagine what duets!

Attend (or host) a brunch

First of all, brunch is trendy lately. Besides, it’s a less demanding date than a dinner. Find the best brunch in town and book. Do you want to impress her? You prepare pancakes and a cake, then tea in a thermos and organize a mini-brunch in the park: this is how you show inventiveness and initiative.

Take an art class

Do you share the love for art? Try attending an artistic orientation course: working together on a project is a great way to get to know someone, to reveal values, dreams and fears. Do not be ashamed of what will come out, after all no one has asked you to make a painting for the Louvre. Besides, you can always laugh at it together.

Low-key first date ideas

Go see an exhibition

Do you want to cultivate yourself a little while getting to know your new crush better? We’re going to an exhibition! Be careful, we did not say long and wide visit of an entire museum! In which case, this first date with cultural accents will immediately take on the appearance of a boring school outing. So we choose a vernissage or an exhibition (general public or specialized, it depends) and we walk around discussing the works and life. Whether it’s photography, sculptures, paintings or even the opening of a new gallery, art is a topic of discussion that easily allows us to learn a lot about the person we are chatting with. 

Laugh together at a stand up / improv show

Afraid of long silences in the whites of the eyes? And if we let a team of professionals take care of relaxing the atmosphere? In addition to removing all pressure, laughing releases endorphins that will make us even more relaxed! We therefore rush without delay to the cafés theatres, to the improv matches, to the vaudeville performances for a good dose of humor. In the end, what if loving was not looking together in the same direction, but laughing together at the same things? But even if you are a big fan of dramatic art, you will avoid inviting your crush to a performance of Antigone…

Walk in a park/wood/forest

If it’s summer, it’s by far one of our favorite dates! We walk in a park, we chat, we take a picnic with us and we sit down to nibble the few dishes nicely laid out on the checkered tablecloth. It’s bucolic and idyllic! But let’s not panic at the idea of ​​no longer seeing the good weather appear before next year, because autumn has nothing to envy to the summer period. The trees that are adorned with shimmering colors, the rustling of dead leaves as we pass, the harvest of nuts… it’s also a magnificent setting for strolling with your future soul mate.

Challenge yourself at billiards/table football/arcade games

No one ever really loses their child’s soul… And the first date is ultimately a good excuse to play it chilly teenager. We therefore take our date to a bar with the accents of a temple of entertainment where we can challenge it, a drink in hand in a relaxed atmosphere.

Have an aperitif in a park or on a beach

We all like to drink shots. But let’s try to change the game and be a little original. Rather than inviting your date to a noisy bar, invite her to a park or a small beach near your home, to spend a romantic and pleasant moment sharing an aperitif on a red checkered tablecloth. This is a first date idea that works best in the spring and summer. In this calmer and more romantic setting, it will be easier to get to know your date. It’s a great way to show that you’re someone different who isn’t shy about putting your own into a relationship. An unforgettable experience!

Perfect first date ideas

Take a bike ride

If the weather is nice, there’s nothing more fun and healthy than a bike ride for two. You can have fun visiting your city and even go further. You can stop to eat at a new restaurant for the two. Also, you can prepare your own picnic. A fun, original and outdoor event that will be super attractive.

Board Games

Dare to bring out your competitive side with a super original date. You can even organize a contest with your favorite games and spend a different, fun and very happy afternoon. At the end of the date, the winner can put on a fun piece of clothing, or it can be the perfect excuse to coordinate the second date.

Walk with your dogs

If you both love animals, walking your pets will be a great activity for the first date. You can take a walk or go to a park and enjoy with your pets. You will get to know each other better and you will have a great day together. At the same time, you can have a picnic while your dogs are playing and sit in the sun and enjoy the weather.

The ice rink

It is a sporting and fun activity at the same time, well adapted in winter and one of the appointments par excellence to create a first physical contact! Indeed, skating by taking hands, rather pleasant, right?

The amusement park

It will be more than an appointment of one or two hours obviously but if you feel good, why not? You like thrills and you live close to an amusement park. Turn that first date into a day of relaxation and fun together.

Virtual first date ideas

Take a drink from a distance

Thanks to the webcams present on computers or the front cameras on phones and tablets, it is easy to be able to see and communicate almost as if you were face-to-face. Some dating sites have even updated their interface to integrate this possibility of video conversation directly on their site. So put on your best outfit, get ready as for a first date, make yourself comfortable with a tea, a coffee, or the drink of your choice, and launch the videoconference to start the discussion.

Watch a movie together

If you don’t have an evening at the cinema, there are many ways to watch a film for two, remotely, and be able to comment on it live via chat. But how do you get to know each other when you are focused on a feature film? It’s simple: the choice of a film can already say a lot about a person, as well as their reactions and their opinion on the story. Are you a fan of romantic comedies and looking for a movie buff to share your passion with?

Visit a virtual museum

Unable to present their works to the public, many museums have decided to ride the wave of virtual tours. From your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can visit the Louvre, the MoMa in New York or even the Lascaux caves, together, but each at home thanks to photos, videos, audioguides and interactive maps.

Dare the epistolary relationship

Do you still have a taste for writing, handwritten letters? Just because you got to know each other through a site or app doesn’t mean you should only communicate by technological means. Opt for exchanges of letters, or even possibly parcels with little attentions: photos, cookies, small gift… This will make confinement sweeter.

Cook together for a romantic dinner

Are you passionate about cooking and that’s why you matched? Since you won’t be able to go to a restaurant right away, why not start a distanced recipe? Everyone in front of your camera, gather the necessary ingredients and embark on the same recipe to taste it together. Thus, you will be able to create a real complicity by practicing an activity that you love.

Unique first date ideas

Observe the stars together

You + the great outdoors + the ideal meeting for social distance + your companion who you hope is as interested as you are = the perfect date. Don’t forget to bring a comfy blanket, some snacks and a thrilling playlist for your night under the stars.

Preparation of the paste

Carbohydrates and another important person? Mark us. Sure, buying canned noodles seems easier, but watching someone make the pasta is an undeclared attraction. (You can do it even if both (or either) are gluten-free with this easy recipe (opens in a new tab).

Watch a local sports match

Sure, it’s fun to watch your hometown or state team, but try a sport you’ve never seen or played before, like netball or rowing, for example. Local colleges and universities often have games that are open to the public and there should be enough space to sit, watch and listen to your chatter while cheering (and try to explain the rules of the game to each other).

Go to IKEA

I know what you are thinking: “Why should I go to a furniture store?”. But this isn’t just any furniture store. It’s about * putting rave jazz hands here * IKEA! No one has ever sighed before telling someone they were heading to the famous Swedish furniture store (except maybe the characters from 30 Rock (opens new tab)). In addition, it has a refreshment area with amazing cakes, which is ideal after a day of choosing the space of your dreams.

Decorate a space

Okay, we warn that if you don’t feel comfortable inviting someone to your home right away, this doesn’t have to be your favorite first date move. But maybe your date could use your interior design skills! Maybe there is a common area that you could embellish together! Maybe you could decorate a cubicle or office with some festive decorations! There are many ways to decorate, just be creative.

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