The Earth ended up submerged by water, was torn apart by epic earthquakes, risked being destroyed by multiple asteroids at least in the cinema. From Armageddon to The Impossible, here is the ranking of the best disaster movies. What’s more relaxing than the  end of the world? At least as long as the Apocalypse remains confined to the cinema or home screen, of course. It is precisely because of this cathartic power of theirs that disaster movies  are so successful with audiences. 

Armageddon, Deep Impact, Dawn of the Day After, When Worlds Collide, 2012, World War Z, War of the Worlds, Independence Day, Cloverfield, I Am Legend, Planet of the Apes, Army of the 12 Monkeys, Godzilla are the best end of the world movies to watch right now. Read down below and start to watch right now the best end of the world movies.

Best end of the world movies


“2012” is the classic genre film, specifically the catastrophic one, where it has not skimped on costs. The special effects machine did its job admirably. The film is a phantasmagoric succession of prodigious images that describe the disastrous calamities that could destroy our planet. The basic idea is that on November 21, 2012, according to the Mayan calendar, the world as we know it today will end. The film embodies everything we have seen in cinematic stories of this type.

The Road

The Road is a 2009 film directed by John Hillcoat and based on the novel of the same name by Cormac McCarthy (awarded with the Pulitzer in 2007). The stars of the film are Viggo Mortensen and then 13-year-old Kodi Smit-McPhee, supported in small but fundamental roles by Charlize Theron, Robert Duvall and Guy Pearce. After being presented in competition at the 66th Venice International Film Festival, The Road received little public response, barely managing to cover production costs.

War of the Worlds

The alien threat continues to fascinate audiences, as our review of War of the Worlds 2019 highlights, The novel by HG Wells returns in a choral version set in contemporary Europe in which the story explodes in a myriad of fragments and characters at the taken with an alien attack. In the first episode of the Fox TV series we follow in parallel the events of a French scientist who collaborates with the army, of the drug addict sister who has not talked to her for a long time, of a family separated from work who tries to get together at the wrong time, of a young man surviving migrant in Calais refugee camp and a divorced neurobiology professor whose son works for the British government.


In the movie, the director / screenwriter Stewart sets up in five minutes a group of characters with botched and approximate psychologies: inside the diner scattered in the desert we find the usual handful of puppets defined by the single-portrait. There are the pregnant girl who is with the guy who loves her very much despite the child being someone else’s; the embittered and disappointed father; the couple in crisis with a problematic daughter attached; the black delinquent but good who tries to reconcile with his father and so on: no one is allowed to be “normal”, you must have at least one super problem or supertrauma in the FantaHollywood of scriptwriting courses and even the cook, not knowing how to outline it, yes finds himself with a metal arm, just to give at least physical personality to him too.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

An extraordinary fact is about to disrupt his life and that of billions of other people: a huge asteroid is heading towards Earth. There are a few weeks left before the impact with our planet, which will be shattered. In short, the end of the world is now imminent, soon the whole of humanity will disappear. Panic takes everyone by surprise, but especially Dodge’s wife. Seconds after hearing the apocalypse announcement on the radio of the car she is traveling in with her husband, Linda runs away from the car without saying a word. Abandoned by his wife, Dodge decides to track down his old high school sweetheart Olivia. To fulfill his purpose, Dodge asks young neighbor Penny (Keira Knightley) to accompany him on the journey as violence rages around them.

The Mist
It seems that the second half of 2007 holds several positive surprises for the horror genre. A series of films, in different fields, with very distant intentions and methods, repays the viewer from the mountain of mediocre films that have appeared during these years that many, exchanging quantity and receipts with quality, have defined a rebirth for the genre we prefer. The surprise becomes double if you think that, with The Mist we are talking about a good film based on a work by Stephen King, even triple if we take into account that with 1408 there are actually two well-made films taken from works by the Maestro in the same year.

The Day After Tomorrow 

Research by climatologist Jack Hall indicates that global warming could trigger a sudden and catastrophic change in our planet’s climate. His excavations in the Antarctic ice show that something like this may have already happened 10,000 years ago. Sudden and dramatic weather events occur in different parts of the world: huge hailstones lash Tokyo, hurricanes of unprecedented violence hit Hawaii, New Delhi is buried under snow, and Los Angeles is swept away by a series of devastating tornadoes. While Hall is at the White House to raise the alarm, his son Sam finds himself trapped in sub-zero New York. Hall will have to travel to save what he holds most dear.


There are science fiction movies. Then there are horror, westerns, fantasy and various hybrids of all kinds and degrees. Finally, there are the films with Nicolas Cage, which are genre apart, like this Signal from the Future ( Knowing ). In this very specific type of film our favorite actor of all time usually wanders, new Diogenes in superhero version, with a flashlight and a glassy gaze, to investigate mysteries and miseries fighting against everything and everyone but mainly against himself. same. Choosing Cage to make him play the part of an MIT astronomer is the same as choosing me to make me lead dancer at the opening of the La Scala season: everyone will laugh and never, ever believe that we are what we pretend to be, but we will it will also have a lot of fun.

End of the world movies on Netflix

How It Ends

Along the way, while the two men are around Milwakee, something unexpected happens: the electric current is mysteriously interrupted, violent earthquakes shake the earth while an incredible variety of cataclysms – fires, tsunamis, electromagnetic storms – hit the region. The end of the world is approaching, this is clear, but no one knows the reason: what is certain is that people, clinging solely to the spirit of survival, are rapidly losing their humanity. On board a car, and with the tank perpetually in reserve, Will and Tom will cross a cruel, regressed and savage America in order to re-embrace their daughter (and partner) whose fate hangs in the balance.

What Happened to Monday

In the distant 2043, overpopulation caused a serious crisis and the CAB, a sort of office for the assignment of children, introduced the one-child policy for all. If a family has more than one child, all but the oldest children are taken and put into cryosleep, from which they will be awakened when humanity has reached a better standard of living. Multiple pregnancies are on the rise, and Karen Settman dies giving birth to seven girls in secret. Karen’s father, Terrence, hadn’t seen her daughter in years and now he has to decide what to do with those girls. He decides to keep them all secret, giving them the names of the days of the week, and establishing a rule. Each of them will be able to leave the house only on the corresponding day, and he will have to tell everything to the sisters when he comes home.

I Am Mother

It is a directorial debut that does not leave indifferent, the one signed by the Australian Grant Sputore with I Am Mother, Netflix original sci-fi with a dystopian cut that takes us into a future marked by the mass extinction of humanity. The only apparent human alive is a teenager, raised by a maternal droid inside an underground hi-tech bunker. Impossible to go out into the open air, Mother and Daughter spend almost two decades in total solitude, when suddenly a woman swoops from the outside, causing chaos to explode.

Bird Box

Based on the 2014 novel of the same name written by Josh Malerman (published in Italy as Death Will Have Your Eyes ), the film – costing about $ 20 million – stars Sandra Bullock in the role of Malorie, a mother who alone tries to bring in except for two small children – towards the usual Promised Land … – through a world populated by mysterious creatures that ‘kill at first sight’. Remember M. Night Shyamalan’s highly criticized and brilliant The Happening, 2008 ( the director’s three best films)? The narrative epicenter here is the same: people suddenly start committing suicide in the most violent ways possible.

Don’t Look Up

The premise of Don’t Look Up  is very simple: during a starburst observation session, a PhD student in astronomy at the University of Michigan, Kate Dibiasky, discovers a comet. After a first moment of euphoria shared with her professor, Dr. Randall Mindy, and his fellow doctoral students, comes the puzzling revelation: after calculating its orbit, the two scientists discover that the comet, of considerable size (the size of Everest) is on a collision course with Earth.

The Midnight Sky

The dawn of the next day in The Midnight Skyit is dated 2049 and is that of a scientist left alone in the North Pole. Augustine / George Clooney suffers from a terminal illness, but tries to communicate with a space station to prevent him from returning to Earth, which has become uninhabitable and devastated by a calamity (global warming?). He intercepts Aether, a spacecraft that has just discovered a habitable satellite in Jupiter’s atmosphere. The narrative structure thus follows two opposing tracks that try to communicate with each other: the Earth and Space, the individual (Augustine, accompanied by a girl named Iris) and the crew of the spaceship, consisting of five elements faithful to each other, which form the nucleus of a real interracial community with a clear “political” and progressive value.

I Am Legend

A strain of the virus has appeared in America with symptoms such as rage that have driven mad and unconscious, leading the entire population of New York City and many other places to become infected and dead, except Robert Neville because his body is immune to the above virus. What will life be like in Robert’s dead city and what dangers threaten him every day? I am Legend (2007) bears many similarities to the current Covid-19 epidemic situation such as the fact that the virus is supposed to come from the laboratory, the rapid spread of the United States has forced New City York ‘s isolation, people flee and the consequences of the epidemic are extremely disastrous.


The arrival of the apocalypse this time is caused by insomnia. One of the paths to Netflix’s fantasy-horror is through a collective sleep loss. The cause is a total blackout that puts every electronic device out of use. Gina Rodriguez passes by her characters of Jane the Virgin and Carmen Sandiegoto that of Jill, an ex-soldier with a troubled past who occasionally peddles the psychotropic drugs she takes from the university research center where she is working as a security officer to supplement. The power goes out suddenly while the woman is in the car with her two children Noah and Matilda. The car crashes into a lake but the three manage to escape. The event has tragic consequences for all of humanity; in fact, no one can sleep anymore except Matilda and an elderly lady. And Jill realizes that in the general chaos she has to rescue her daughter.

Movies about the end of the world


Set in a future where the world has been crushed by a new ice age, the film sees humanity’s last survivors forced into a high-tech train, the Snowpiercer., within which the most ferocious classism and a reign of terror are in force, to say the least hallucinating. Also among the latter are the brave Curtis (Chris Evans), his friend Edgar (Jamie Bell), the wise old man Gilliam (John Hurt) and Tanya (Octavia Spencer), whose one and constant thought is how to subvert the status quo, which has lasted for years and how to get to the dictator of that train: Mr. Wilford ( Ed Harris ).

Take Shelter

Take Shelter, a 2011 film, is the dazzling confirmation of the talented director Jeff Nichols. Born in 1978, Nichols over the years is establishing himself as one of the most interesting independent filmmakers on the American scene. A career that still has a handful of titles but characterized by an indisputable quality and a genuine and intimate vision of cinema.

A Quiet Place

Quiet Placeit is a quiet place in the literal sense, silent, because to survive you don’t have to produce even the faintest noise. To put it like Wes Craven, “who screams dies”, but if silence is the salvation, the danger is to make a film that doesn’t have much to say. The protagonist of the story is a family made up of a father ( John Krasinski himself ) and mother ( Emily Blunt, his wife also in real life) plus three small children, in the background a near future in which the earth has been invaded by strange creatures capable of picking up any noise, intercepting its source and tearing up the subject.

10 Cloverfield Lane

In the center of the screen there is a woman that everyone – in the course of ninety minutes of the film – wants to imprison: whether it is the possessive boyfriend whose voice we hear on the phone, the paranoid old man who locks her in a bunker saying be her savior or the curious encounter that takes place in the third act of the film. Everyone wants her, but she wants to be alone in the company of the only survival instinct as sharp as that of Sarah Connor: an “alpha woman” who is a candidate for action character of the film season, sexy and resolute.


Fierce, undisciplined and very self-confident, Jack saved the Earth after global warming made the planet an unsustainable place, restoring balance in strength and, above all, in temperature. However, his allergic character to authority led him away from his creature and his brother Max, (Jim Sturgess), a staff adviser to the President of the United States, gave him the news. A few years after the expulsion, however, Max returns to his brother to ask for help: a satellite has gone mad, freezing an entire village in Afghanistan, and various signals portend the arrival of a “geostorm”, achain of natural disasters so devastating as to lead to the destruction of the entire planet. Jack then returns to space, but must solve an intricate puzzle: someone is sabotaging the space station from within.


Jeff (Gerard Butler), a construction engineer in crisis with his wife (Morena Baccarin), returns home for the birthday of his son Floyd (Roger Dale Floyd). While she is at the supermarket with the little boy to do the last shopping before the party, he gets a call with a presidential alert. A comet named Clarke is approaching the planet and threatens to destroy it. He and his family are some of the “chosen ones” who can be saved. But there are several difficulties to reach the military airport from which they have to leave. And before he embarks, Jeff needs to retrieve his son’s diabetes insulin.

Warm Bodies

They were both born from a novel and tell the love story between an undead and a living girl, but the similarities between Twilight and Warm Bodies end there. Jonathan Levine’s film ( All the Boys Love Mandy Lane), based on the novel by Isaac Marion, is not the heir to the vampire saga and not only because the protagonist is a zombie and not a vampire; the film escapes the glossy seriousness of Edward and Bella and contrasts them with an original and winning weapon: self-irony. If Edward Cullen, with his sculpted hairstyle and gloomy gaze, took himself too seriously, the protagonist of Warm Bodies, ( Nicholas Hoult , the child of About a Boy), he’s a clumsy, cute but not at all seductive zombie.

The 5th Wave

In the province of Ohio, young Cassie has experienced the four “waves” of a devastating alien invasion, which have reduced what remains of humanity into a frightened and helpless community. The omen that the fifth wave is the final one goes along with the feeling that aliens are indistinguishable from humans. In Olivier Assayas Sils Maria, among the many memorable scenes, there is one in which the characters of Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart watch a ridiculous sci-fi blockbuster starring Chloe Moretz, a rising starlet. The fifth wave, unwittingly, it looks terribly like that film within the film, while substituting an involuntary comedy for the obvious exaggeration of the parody.

Good end of the world movies

The Book of Eli 

The movie, narratively speaking, gets stuck in the bud (Eli’s arrival in the village) when the cause-effect links and the actions of the characters begin to lack a “stringent” logic. And if the Shyamalanian twistit works (limited to the surprise effect, it is difficult to imagine his eventual obligation to re-view with hindsight) the transformation of Eli into a white-clad holy man risks ridicule, while the actual epilogue seems even more absurd, with Solara who becomes the master’s disciple and replaces him: with what physical abilities? What “training”? What mystical gifts? What are the chances of survival?

Independence Day

Twenty years after the massive and destructive attack that killed three billion people on earth, David Levinson, telecommunications specialist yesterday, director of Research and Development today, discovers the threat of an upcoming alien invasion. Instead, he does not need sophisticated tools to warn the alien enemy, Thomas J. Whitmore, former president of the States replaced by President Lanford, a strategically incapable woman who relies on his generals. It is Whitmore who warns the nations live in the world and throws them into utter despair. But ‘ours’ will not fail to arrive united and equipped with extraterrestrial technology, recovered in the previous invasion.

World War Z

Brad Pitt is not only the protagonist of World War Z by Marc Foster, former director of the moving Neverland and the forgotten and interesting Monster’s ball. Il divo is also a producer, a role in which he has been increasingly active for about ten years, producing films in which he does not appear and others who see him either as a protagonist or in anyway important parts. The World War Z storyline sees the world suddenly shocked by a mysterious epidemic that turns the infected into zombies, particularly strong, fast and aggressive. Jerry Lane (Brad Pitt ), a former UN investigator who retired to be with his wife and children, asks an old friend of his, now UN Secretary General, to rescue the family on the aircraft carrier where surviving institutions and the military seek. to put the ideas in order, understand the origin of the problem and organize the resistance. Accepted, however, he is asked to collaborate in the search for a solution.

Children of Men

To fulfill his mission, the protagonist will find himself embroiled among the politicized rebels, which also includes his ex-wife Julian ( Julianne Moore ) and forced to pretend to be an illegal immigrant with the girl and an unspecified midwife, also experiencing the harassment of the refugee camps. All through a Balkan war scenario in which everyone shoots at everyone and with the most unlikely help, ranging from the self-exiled mentor in the forest to an exploitative gypsy, who rediscovers herself with a heart of gold as a new Magdalene.

San Andreas

In San Andreas there is talk of natural disasters, in particular the most violent earthquake ever recorded along the San Andreas fault in California. Ray ( Dwayne Johnson ) is a rescue helicopter pilot engaged in daring rescues and high-risk operations on a daily basis. When the earthquake hits Los Angeles, Ray rushes to rescue his near-ex-wife Emma ( Carla Gugino ). But an even stronger earthquake will devastate San Francisco, predicts seismologist Dr. Hayes ( Paul Giamatti ). The two then begin a race against time to rescue their daughter Blake ( Alexandra Daddario), which is located right there. Meanwhile, the girl gets away with the teachings of her father, along with two new young friends.


Interstellar is a 2014 Sci-Fi / Drama film directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, John Lithgow, Ellen Burstyn, Casey Affleck, Wes Bentley, Mackenzie Foy, David Oyelowo. The film has a duration of approximately 101 minutes. In the 21st century the planet Earth is dying and the environmental and climatic conditions become more and more difficult to guarantee human survival. Crops are subject to frequent sandstorms and the phenomenon known as the plague consumes oxygen from the atmosphere. 

28 Weeks Later

28 weeks after the events of the first film, the epidemic of “anger” seems to have been eradicated and England, under the leadership of NATO forces led by the United States, is on the verge of returning to normal. The spread of the unknown virus that makes humans zombies startling stride has thrown death and panic over the UK, as seen 28 days later , and led to the complete evacuation of survivors from across Britain, placed in UN quarantine.

The Happening

At New York’s Central Park, the people present suddenly fall into a daze and start killing each other. Initially it is thought to be the fault of a terrorist attack but the deaths begin to spread throughout the Northeast of the United States and this hypothesis is immediately discarded. Meanwhile in Philadelphia, Elliot Moore, a high school science teacher, with his wife Alma and a little girl named Jess, decide to leave the city and take a train to Harrisburg. During the journey they discover that the contagion is spreading and our heroes will have to run for cover to try to survive its destructive fury.


While CDC doctors (the always wonderful Kate Winslet and Laurence Fishburne ) and a WHO specialist ( Marion Cotillard ) are already working on an antidote to save the lives of the infected in time – including Beth ( Gwyneth Palthrow ), one of the passengers on the flight, looked after by her husband Mitch ( Matt Damon ) -, the government is called to face the emergency and contain the civil unrest caused by collective psychosis, due to the spreading on the web of some news by a blogger ( Jude Law ).

The Core

The Earth is inexplicably shaken by some events that interrupt the normal course of events. In London we are witnessing a very bizarre behavior of birds that lose all coordination, so much so that they collide with people and buildings, generating chaos and confusion. Sudden deaths of some people occur in Boston, all at the same time. At the same time, a NASA shuttle, returning to earth, led by Bob Iverson and Rebecca Childs, is to land in the wrong trajectory, so as to be forced to a dangerous maneuver in the center of Los Angeles.


WALL-E (acronym for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class), spends his days on a now deserted planet, building huge skyscrapers of waste and exploring the heaps of garbage, a legacy left by mankind that for centuries has abandoned the planet, which has become unlivable due to the garbage emergency. You never know what mysterious and fascinating object could escape from those piles of garbage, and so WALL * E is constantly looking for what for his eyes is cloaked in an aura of beauty: it can be a tool that is halfway between a fork and a spoon, or the case of a ring.

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