It is not difficult to find naked bodies on the internet… of all kinds and sexy! But some of us like to approach movies that are sexy, but also have a good story. Whether they are intriguing, passionate and maybe even erotic, intellectual and artistic. To stimulate the mind and please the sight,  Netflix comes to help ! And what could be better than enjoying all this while remaining comfortable in your own home?!

On Netflix and other streaming services in the “Erotic and Sexy Movies” category, you can range from passionate, sentimental or even a little dated teardrops, to the more recent ones that I already know you will be watching secretly because they present super spicy and definitely too hot scenes! Continue to read and you’ll find sexy movies to watch on Netflix or online.

Sexy movies on Netflix

Yes, God, Yes

Here is a small film directed by Karen Maine, so tiny that it goes unnoticed and almost certainly even after reading this review you won’t go looking for it. We will be few to see it and maybe many will because its protagonist has come from the shores of the upside of Stranger Things, Natalia Dyer. After all, Yes, God, Yes is not a memorable film that I would recommend to those who have no time to waste – if we can say about those who love to find new stories in the large streaming catalogs – but it still comes to my memory because of that piece of shit by simone pillon.

365 Days

365 Days is a Polish production film, stable at the top of the Netflix ranking of the most viewed films on the platform. Because? The movie is an attempt to replicate 50 shades of gray, resulting in its trash parody. And we certainly did not start from a high-level movie. Laura is a young Polish girl on vacation in Sicily, with her friends and her boyfriend, rough, sweaty and with alcoholic bacon. During a party Laura goes away and gets lost in the meanders of a small village, until a figure appears in front of her who in a bright tone says “ Are you lost, baby doll? “. This phrase will be the recurring catchphrase of the mystery man.


Esteban Crespo (Madrid, 1971) wrote the screenplay for Amar years ago, but since he could not turn it into a film, he extracted a couple of scenes and shot his first short films in 2005: Siempre quise trabajar en a fábrica and Amar. Those who have seen them will be able to recognize their themes and characters in this first feature film by the filmmaker, presented in the official section in competition at the 20th Malaga Film Festival – Cine en Español, even if the actors are different: if in the short version of Amar they were Aida Folch and Alberto Ferreiro playing with original variations of the sexual roles, now to do so are the newcomer but already known instagrammer María Pedraza and Pol Monen in the opening scene of this movie. A moviethat shows the chiaroscuro of the first sentimental relationship, the one we live as young and inexperienced, impregnated with extreme emotions, intensity, tenderness, impetus and truth.


The movie was released in 2017 and is the story of two young boys who try in every way to remain faithful but without getting great results. The two boys have traumas from the past that are hidden like skeletons in the closet and in order not to think of the great pains that have affected their life in some way, they vent into sex and new things to try. But sometimes, to be happy and faithful, you just need to be honest and sincere, all the way. Martin and Gaby represent a modern couple in the days of apps that allow you to meet only thanks to a like and localization. A photo, a like and the evening ends with a “fuck”. A strong term to use but seeing the movie Newness, you will understand that it is the lesser evil.

Frank & Lola

Frank, a chef from Las Vegas, falls in love with the beautiful Lola, a few years younger than him, with whom a passionate relationship is born. In Frank & Lola the couple goes to live together but the man is the victim of a deep jealousy and thinks that his partner has an affair with his new boss; erroneous hypothesis, the woman however stains herself with betrayal, causing a crisis and a dramatic discussion in which she claims to have been raped some time ago by the then-boyfriend of her mother, the Swedish millionaire Alan Larsson. Frank remains obsessed with the figure of the tycoon and is willing to make him pay at all costs: the right opportunity presents itself when he is hired for a job in Paris and decides to visit Larsson after having met him in a bar, but uncovering an unexpected vase by Pandora. 

White Girl

A drama of discomfort and high with rivers of drugs between sex, alcohol and various violence. The film by the debut director Elizabeth Wood is all about the world of young people and the drug that revolves around it: coca in White Girl flows by kilos and the young Leah (Morgan Saylor, very beautiful) finds herself embroiled in more trouble. big of her, being in love with a drug dealer, then ending up in jail, and starts the tour de force to get him out, fucking left and right to raise the money necessary to pay lawyers and creditors of the white powder. Today’s burnt youth in a realistic way, not so far from Larry Clark’s films, but without his complacency in portraying the debauchery of young people. and we believe him, becausethe backgrounds seem raw and real to me, with numerous sex scenes (always exhibited within the due limits) and so much squalor into which the protagonist falls, perfect in the role she plays.

Madame Claude

“This story is inspired by the fictional life of Fernande Grudet, aka Madame Claude, born on 6 July 1923 in Angers,” reads a caption just before a pair of mascara-coated eyes appear on the screen. It is not the first time that someone has staged the biography of Grudet, the most important French brothel manager of recent years. Madame Claude, in fact, still alive and at the height of her activity, had already become the protagonist of the film of the same name signed by Just Jaeckin, in 1977. In 2021, six years after her death, it is Sylvie Verheyde who directs the biopic that brings her same title.

Sexy romance movies

6 Years

Melanie Clark and Daniel Mercer are a young couple in love. After a party at a friend’s house, Mel takes Dan to her house who is drunk and he asks her to stay home all night. Mel reacts angrily and pushes him into a closet, causing him a deep head injury. In the emergency room, the boy lies to protect her, but when her colleague Amanda, at work at the record company Topo Records, notices her head injury is shaken and points out how much.

The Last Paradiso

The flavor of the stories of the South between the vehemence of rustic melodrama and the impetuousness of the social revolt. Riccardo Scamarcio puts himself to the test once again and, as we will tell you in the review of The Last Paradise streaming on Netflix from February 5th, he does so in the multiple capacity of producer, screenwriter and actor. The last few years have seen him increasingly engaged in production and movie by Rocco Ricciardulli, who is also the author of the screenwriter, is a confirmation of this. The story seems to be inspired by a fact that really happened in the South of the late 1950s where the director was born and raised, the echoes come from childhood memories in the Lucanian land. Too bad, however, that everything sediments to the level of good intentions, on the surface, and fails to make the leap necessary to disturb empathy.


The premise of the story was as simple as it was impressive: a wife, suspicious of her husband’s cheating on her, hires a young call girl to test her man’s loyalty. The one started by the woman is a game that will be difficult to stop. And the film starts very well, relying on another excellent performance by Julianne Moore, whose performance oscillates between suffering and sensuality. It stands up to herAmanda Seyfried as the femme fatale on duty: a girl with an angelic face who knows exactly how to use her shapes to drive any man crazy. Liam Neeson closes the trianglein a somewhat unusual role compared to his repertoire, an interesting test in the role of a husband who loves to flirt with women.

And Then Came Lola

A talented but distracted photographer (Lola), she risks losing everything if she doesn’t get to her girlfriend in time who has an important business date with a woman who tries to seduce her. But, as usual, Lola is late: she has three chances to make it. In a frantic race through the streets of San Francisco full of unexpected events, time is running out. Will Lola make it?

Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie has it all of the artistic, independent, highly intellectual and deeply authorial movie. Too much too. Starting from black and white photography to the exaggerated use of dialogue and the continuous presence of good moments to show the acting skills of the protagonists, it immediately appears as a film created to showcase its two actors and its director, a films to allow them to prove that they are artists. And also everything that comes out of the film, what is put on the table and which is talked about seems to be much more a speech between insiders than one that can be shared by the spectators. No wonder the 3 are also producers of the film.

Berlin Syndrome

The scariest monsters are not indestructible or supernatural ones like Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger from well-known horror sagas. Rather, it is the black man who lives next door. Berlin Syndrome – Hostage by  Australian  Cate Shortland (Lore) leverages real-world examples of paranoia and fears associated particularly with women: traveling alone, getting romantically / physically involved too quickly by an attractive person you meet on the street, reveal personal information to the mysterious object of desire. When an introverted English teacher – and coach of a youth basketball team – exerts his good-boy charm on an aussy backpacking the German metropolis, her attraction is quite understandable. Of course, knowing the turn that the story will take, in the first few minutes her every action is nevertheless followed by a note of disappointment on the part of the spectator who must watch helplessly at her recklessness.

The Beguiled

Amazing Sofia Coppola. A cinema magnificently without place and time, floating in its apparent stillness which is actually a pop classicism, with the sentimental western-tracks of the song Lorena, the most popular romantic hit of the civil war. It was very risky to do a remake of one of the most ferocious Siegels, Soldier Jonathan’s The Good Night (1971) and still rely on  Thomas P. Cullinan ‘s novel A Painted Devil (1966). But Coppola’s cinema went far beyond the remake operation, as she had done in an equally risky way with Lost in Translation against Short Encounter(1945) by David Lean. They are two completely different readings / remakes. In style, in method. And The deception has less evident but sensitive manipulations, as in Marie Antoinette.

Sexy movies to watch

By the Sea

By the Sea is a 2015 film written, directed and starring Angelina Jolie (at the time still Angelina Jolie Pitt), accompanied on the screen by her husband Brad Pitt, Mélanie Laurent and  Melvil Poupaud. This is the second Brangelina collaboration on the big screen after Mr. & Mrs. Smith and before their controversial divorce, as well as the third film directed by Jolie after In the Land of Blood and Honey and Unbroken. From a commercial point of view, By the Sea it turned out to be a resounding fiasco, raising just over 3 million dollars (of which a large part abroad) against a budget of about 10.


Two couples formed thanks to the famous “love at first sight” are at the center of the vicissitudes of Closer, the splendid 2004 film directed by Mike Nichols (The Graduate), crowned by a cast of champions, all perfectly matched in their respective roles. The film opens on an intense exchange of glances between strangers Alice (Natalie Portman), an attractive and mysterious American stripper who has just moved to London, and Dan (Jude Law), a charming aspiring English writer, who takes care of the editorial staff for a living of obituaries at a local newspaper.

The Other Boleyn Girl

Based on the novel of the same name by Philippa Gregory, “The other woman of the King” deals in a modern way with an ancient story: the painful love between Henry VIII and his second wife, Anna Bolena. The film, like the book, describes the Tudor court as the hearth of a double entanglement between Henry VIII with Anna and her sister, Maria. The direction of Justin Chadwick well underlines the games of passions and intrigues of the Tudors, which have shocked the face of the whole of England, breaking with the Church of Rome and proposing for the first time a female heir, Elizabeth. Anna (Natalie Portman) and Maria (Scarlett Johansson), are two sisters victims of the unbridled thirst for power and ambition of their father and uncle, who target the King of England (Eric Bana), now reduced to an extremely precarious and unsatisfactory marriage condition. 

She’s Gotta Have It

She’s Gotta Have It is a colorful and passionate hymn to African American culture and female freedom. A real manifesto signed by Spike Lee, which pays homage to Brooklyn and the black community and does not give up an irreverent criticism of the current political situation in the United States. She’s Gotta Have It is Spike Lee ‘s irreverent new workand is a remake of Lola Darling, a film from the 1980s considered to be the director’s real feature debut. The miniseries takes place today in Brooklyn  and tells the story of Nola Darling (DeWanda Wise), an African-American artist struggling with her love life and career, but above all with the daily challenges of being a free woman in a society that has not yet learned to accept female self-determination. 


Easy is not an adjective but the nickname of Isidoro, a former prodigy boy of motor racing, now reduced to a depressed and considerably overweight boy, which is why he was forever excluded from the sports world. His brother asked him to transport the coffin of a deceased man to a construction site as far as Ukraine, in order to give the worker a proper burial. Easy accepts but what he doesn’t know is that the journey will be hampered by a series of unfortunate events that will lead him first to lose his car, then to be persecuted by the police and to make friends with strange local characters. A classic coming-of-age road movie, which this time crosses national borders to explore the most unknown lands of the former Soviet Union. At his directorial debut Andrea Magnanihe therefore decides to rely on what is now a topos of our programming to try to do something different. Easy is in fact an unconventional character who makes you smile for his genuineness but who also arouses tenderness for his inability to express himself. And it is not just a linguistic obstacle but above all a lack of introspection due to an oppressive family environment and addictions still to be eradicated.

Deadly Illusions

Kristin Davis (formerly in Sex and City as Charlotte) in the role of writer Mary Morris, Dermot Mulrorey (a long-lived career in film and TV) in the role of her husband, Greer Grammer (clumsy and sensual at the same time) is the young Grace, while Shanola Hempton is Elaine: the actors are one of the strengths of the film, credible and effective. The direction of Anna Elisabeth James focuses on dissolves and enhancement of the close-ups of the performers and professionally conducts an acceptable result, even if halfway between the show and the disposable product. You can see but nothing more.

Best sexy movies

All the Bright Places

Based on Jennifer Niven ‘s best-selling book, All the Bright Places is a young adult drama directed by Brett Harley, centering on two teenagers struggling with the darkness of their respective lives, seeking the light in moments of difficulty. The film is part of the large Netflix production with youth stories at the center and this time it does so by combining the adaptation of a highly acclaimed novel with a first-rate cast, starring Elle Fanning and Justice Smith, flanked by Luke Wilson, Alexandra Shipp, Keegan-Michael Key and Kelli O’Hara.


Thibault (Mickaël Lumière) is what is normally referred to as the classic good guy, a role that is often synonymous with being single. Educated, sensitive, shy, animated by a romantic spirit perhaps a little out of fashion, he works as a nurse in a Paris that Van Tieghem basically puts aside from the beginning , in favor of a very intimate and coherent dimension. Thibault is single but not by choice, relegated by every girl he meets to the “friend” category. Ultimately, this situation allowed him to have in Lulu, Alexandra and Maud three precious friends with whom he spends the days, but everything becomes unbearable when at the bachelor party of one of these he meets the beautiful Rose (Eva Danino).

Through My Window

Raquel has long had a crush on her neighbor, but when he begins to have feelings for her, the situation turns into something more serious, despite her family’s objections. Watching him from the window of her house, the young Raquel fell in love with her neighbor, the charming and mysterious Ares. Moreover, the figure of this man is completely obscure to the girl for the simple fact that they have never spoken to each other until now.


The Lovebirds is a 2020 romantic comedy directed by Michael Showalter and written by Aaron Abrams and Brendan Gall. Like many other films around this time, it was due to hit theaters on April 3. Due to the health emergency and the closure of the activities, the exploitation rights were then sold to Netflix which released it on May 22nd. If you expect to try again those bittersweet sensations of The Big Sick (2017), Michael Showalter ‘s previous work written, also, there starring Kumail Nanjiani, you will be a bit disappointed. The Lovebirds has a different humor and comedy, for sure there is more lightness.

Below Her Mouth

There is no doubt that the critical and public success of a film like The Life of Adele (2013) has reinvigorated the vein of female-only romanticism, with several titles that have tried to ride the wave of success of the cult of Abdellatif Kechiche. Among these is also Below her mouth, Canadian production of 2015 shot by a crew made up of women only and which tells, also in this case, a painful love-story of the Sapphic brand. The story is in fact centered on the androgynous Dallas, a declared lesbian with the behavior and look of a classic “tomboy”, and Jasmine, who is about to marry her historic boyfriend. The two meet one evening in a club and between them it is love at first sight, with the relationship that, given the momentary absence of Jasmine’s boyfriend, evolves day after day.

Basic Instinct

Among the many scenes with an erotic background that the history of cinema has given us, the one that sees the protagonist a very sensual Sharon Stone in the act of slowly and sinuously crossing her legs in front of an astonished male audience will remain forever etched in the collective imagination, revealing the absence of underwear … This small but brilliant directorial gimmick has meant that Basic Instinct (1992), despite its many limitations, has ended up in the cauldron of cult films, those that, even if they have not seen each other, make practically anyone able to recall at least one symbol sequence to memory, a privilege usually reserved for films of a very different calibration (from the same years, for example, the unbridled dance between John Travolta and Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino – 1994).

Earthquake Bird

Produced by Ridley Scott for Netflix, Dove la terra trema is the adaptation of the first novel of the same name by Susanna Jones, released in Italy by Mondadori in 2001. Jones grew up in Yorkshire was a writing teacher, passionate about the Theater of the No and Japanese culture, so much so that she lived for a few years in the land of the rising sun. To bring his work to the screen is Wash Westmoreland, the English director who moved to the States in the early 90s, to pursue the dream of working in the world of cinema: after having assisted Bruce LaBruce, he builds a name in porn cinema, before finding indie success with partner Richard Glatzer, with Non è Sin – La Quinceanera, winner at Sundance, and then with Still Alice and Colette.

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