Maybe you have never heard of angel numbers but maybe you have come across them in life: they are recurring numbers that sometimes strike your attention without true why! It may be that sometimes you meet them and you don’t realize it, other times it may be that you pay them a lot of attention. Angel numbers can help you realize your desires and always put you in communication with the divine world: suggestions, ideas and valuable advice to guide your choices.

Angel numbers are random recurring numbers that you sometimes happen to see. And depending on the number, the meaning also changes, of course! Did you know that each zodiac sign has very different characteristics and needs and that for example, according to the horoscope, the zodical signs have different lucky charms and even different anti-stress! Read down below and find out the meaning of angel numbers and numerology.


  • 0 = God is addressing his word to you. He is trying to attract your attention with a beautiful word of reassurance and he wants to guide you to the divine and righteous way of eternal life. A real message of love and well-being.
  • 1 = God wants you to always remain positive, because your thinking greatly affects what you want and what happens to you. Entrust your fears to the hand of God and the angels and focus solely on your desires that attract positive things into your life.
  • 2 = Everything is perfectly balanced, everything is going well and continues thanks to the faith you carry with you. Your feelings of hope cause angels to create more and more positive phenomena and outcomes in your life. Continue to have strong faith and everything will be perfect.
  • 3 = The saints and spiritual figures you believe in, such as Jesus or Padre Pio, are close to you and are helping you to overcome the difficulties that the earthly life is facing you, without letting you give in to sin or the misfortunes you encounter in your I walk.
  • 4 = A clear and pure sign of the presence of angels in your life, they are telling you that your prayers are always successful and are heard at all times. Essentially they are always by your side to help you and are supporting you right now as well.
  • 5 = In your life something wonderful is about to happen, a not insignificant change that upsets you for the better. It is a good idea to always ask God for help to support you in times of change that belong to us.
  • 6 = God tells you not to worry and not to become addicted or obsessed with trivial and material things, such as money. The worries that you are creating for yourself because of them weaken your spiritual system in prayer. Focus exclusively on the true moral values ​​that life offers you, with you there are also the angels willing to give you a hand.
  • 7 = Your life is going well and your path is pure and fair, so you get numerous opportunities and offers that God is welcome to grant you. For this do not worry and continue to cross the path of wisdom and purity as you have always done.
  • 8 = Your Life is full of abundance and prosperity, this means that not only will you not have any kind of problem from an economic point of view, but also no problems with time, ideas, spaces or any other purpose you need for lead your life.
  • 9 = Stop wasting time, now is the perfect time to start rolling up your sleeves and get involved because in this way you are able to obtain all those prerequisites necessary in order to reach and implement the final goal that you have imposed on yourself in life. Little by little, your small steps become great satisfactions.

What is numerology

Numerology is the study of numbers connected to the interiority and individual personality, and allows a key to access the profound knowledge of oneself and of others. This doctrine was once considered sacred and kept secret, in fact before accessing the teachings, the aspiring students of Pythagoras had to demonstrate their character, overcoming some tests such as those of patience and humility: for the first three years of school they did not they were taken into consideration and could not enter the tent where Pythagoras taught, and therefore see him, but only hear him from outside.   

The belief in some form of  the power of numbers or their ability to influence people and events  is universally distributed in some form, and we find it present in every age. It, generally called numerology, which can be translated as “science of numbers”, improperly as its base  has very little scientific, however, has many levels of expression, from the superstitious and superficial ones of the vulgar to the more occult ones of the esoteric branches of religions and of spiritual disciplines. 

It is no coincidence that  cabala and ghimatria are the basis of Judaism and Semitic religions in general, and that tantra is one of the foundations of Hinduism and dharmic religions. Often times divination practices of various kinds and even the same astrology and the use of tarot cards and runes are closely linked to numbers. We could bother Pythagoras  himself, who makes numbers the basis of reality, also attributing to them specific characters such as masculinity, femininity, union, perfection, etc. 

The fundamental values ​​for Pythagoras were seven and they were based on piety; wisdom; temperance (in speaking, in eating, in sex: fidelity and respect towards the partner; in dressing, he taught women to be simple and not too jeweled); the fortress, therefore to be courageous; the justice that he first practiced because it brought harmony; friendship (the friend is another himself); the music that was used to relieve human troubles, sadness, anger.

Angel numbers meaning

Angel numbers are typically sequences of numbers that you repeat, see, for example 444 or 555 or 1212. These numbers can be double, triple or quadruple digit. These numbers provide divine guidance from your angels by referring to specific numerological meanings. These spiritual numbers are sent to you to get your attention and provide you with a specific message. So angel numbers are messages sent by our guardian angels. So, for example, if you’ve been seeing 444 in a repetitive pattern you know your Guardian Angel is talking to you and trying to inform you of something significant in your life. To bring meaning and these energies into your life, you may want to consider saying a prayer. A technique that has been able to help thousands of people before manifesting their dreams.

According to numerology, this repetitive sequence is commonly called angel numbers and when you start noticing them, they start popping up all over the place. This is how you know it is simply more than just a coincidence. Angel numbers work within the pillars of numerology, which means that each number holds its own unique vibrational energy. So when you’re bombarded with angel numbers, it’s safe to assume that something is trying to send you a powerful message.

Angel numbers 222

Angels 222, 2222 and 22 are all connected to make your ideas a reality. So, if you’ve been working out a plan or sifting through various possibilities for a while, this angel number sequence gives you a useful indication that now is the time to make those dreams more concrete. These dreams can be related to your work or personal life, or they can be more related to personal growth projects. Also, the 2 multiples remind you not to give up on something you wanted, telling you that your patience and persistence are about to be rewarded with profound positive change.

Angel numbers 333

In terms of meaning, the number 333 (along with 33 and 3333) refers to themes of exchange and communication. These number sequences sometimes serve as a warning to open up to a particular person in your life. However, other times this type of angelic sequence has more to do with spreading an important message in society. To find out what seeing sequences of 3 means to you, take a critical look at how you tend to share things with others. Then, ask yourself who could benefit most from greater communication. Also, think about what might be holding you back.

Angel numbers 444

Angelic signs and symbols involving the numbers 444, 4444 or 44 are indications that the universe is testing you. You are called to show and use your strength, and to persist despite any obstacles that may arise. Often the angels will send you more 4 to let you know that the challenges are on the way . This can be a sign that you need to prepare and think about what you need to do to become stronger. However, 44, 444 and 4444 can also appear when you are already in the middle of a test and need to remember that this test has meaning.

Angel numbers 111

What does 11 mean in angel numbers, and how does it differ from 1111 and 11? In short, the number of those you see typically corresponds to the strength of the message you are receiving. The multiple ones tell you that your intuition is working at its best and that you have a deep well of inspiration to draw from. People often see 11, 111, or 1111 when there is an opportunity to share their gifts creatively, or through teaching.

Angel numbers 555

Angels 555, 55 and 5555 can appear when circumstances need to change to overcome something negative. For example, you may see this type of number sequence when you are in a toxic relationship or friendship, when you have come to hate your current job, or when it is time to consider moving to a new location. Regardless of your current circumstances, the angels are communicating that even if change is scary, severing the bonds with the negative opens you up to limitless amounts of positivity and possibilities.

Numerology applied to children

In practice, to use numerology applied to children, you just need something we already know: name (including any second or third), surname and date of birth. A number is associated with each letter through a conversion. After assigning a number to each letter, they are added together so that a single number from 1 to 9 is obtained, which has different meanings that express the qualities and critical points. The first baptismal name refers to the body, while the following ones are related to affectivity. The surname tells us what we represent in our family and on a spiritual level. Thanks to the numbers, therefore, it is possible to understand more about the life path, the training cycle and in general how the child or young person relates to the world around him.

Obviously the numerological analysis cannot be done at random but someone who knows how to interpret it is needed, even if there are several books that help to orientate among the numbers applied to life. You can also try to do it online, but as for astrology, the observation of the complete picture is required in order to be able to give more certain and not approximate answers.

The meaning of numbers in numerology 

The meanings of numbers are a tool you can use to understand the meaning of your numbers, but also to interpret the numbers that you may happen to see around you and your personal lucky numbers.

  • Number 1 represents an independent, self-sufficient, determined and lively personality. A person with a luminous aura. 
  • The number 2 represents a sweet and patient personality, who makes decisions calmly and focuses their energy on increasing self-confidence.
  • Number 3 represents a very sociable person, rather communicative and studious. He can have a very close relationship with his brothers and with the community in which he lives.
  • The number 4 represents a rigid person, structured and loyal to the rules who finds comfort and a reason for pride in social norms.
  • The number 5 represents a personality who likes a lot of fun, a free spirit who likes to take risks, but who is not very reliable in concrete activities. 
  • The number 6 represents the need for leadership and authority in all relationships and in all fields of existence. This number is associated with an energy that is proper to the leader.
  • The number 7 represents spirituality and intuition. These numbers have a tendency to invest a lot of energy in psychic, psychic and spiritual collaborations.
  • The number 8 represents affinity with material things, with power, with success. He has an innate desire to rule the world. 
  • The number 9 represents the sense of the end. It makes us understand that remaining tied to the past blocks us, and that it is necessary and fundamental to evolve. 
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