If there is something that cyclically comes back in my life it is the need to find something new to look at. And specifically, I’m not talking about movies, short films, YouTube videos or documentaries, but TV series. Anyone who devours many TV series, especially for their undoubted convenience of being divided into smaller blocks, knows that at some point there will be that moment in which you will have to choose a new TV series. Not an easy decision, forced between the choice of a series that may have just been launched or an old classic to be recovered.

To help you in this choice, I wanted to create a ranking of the 50 best TV series ever. The boom in TV series has a more or less acceptable date: 2005, the season in which three icons of the last twenty years were born: Lost (created for the use and enjoyment of nerds), Desperate Housewives (which some have defined as a series of actresses playing queens) and Doctor House (who with his caustic sense of humor has earned the respect and admiration of all social misfits and has shown that being weird is cool). Read down below and find out which are the best tv series of all time.

Best Netflix series


If you want to be transported to places with mysterious, ancient and magical atmospheres, you absolutely cannot miss this TV series. The background to the events is the Scotland of the Highlands, the place where in 1945 Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies), young spouses separated by the war – Claire is a volunteer nurse and Frank is a historian and an academic who served in the British Army – they decide to spend a second honeymoon. The two find themselves in Iverness, a place anchored to Scottish traditions, even mystical ones: Frank Randall himself lives a surreal experience, believing he sees, in the pouring rain, a man looking towards the window of Claire’s room. after the power goes out. Frank tries to approach the mysterious man but, in a flash, he is no longer there, disappearing as if he were a ghost.

The Queen’s Gambit

Recently released on Netflix, The Queen’s Gambit is a new original miniseries produced by the streaming platform. The protagonist is Beth Harmon, a very young American chess champion, who made a name for herself in the 1960s. The series begins in Paris and Beth Harmon wakes up in hangover, more or less ready to play a new game. When Beth sits down and looks her feared opponent in her eyes, we are thrown into an immense flashback. In fact, we go back many years and see our protagonist, a child, who is taken to an orphanage following a car accident.

Stranger Things

In 1984, in Hawkins, a small town in Indiana, a lot of strange things happen, as the title says. We are between ET and Twin Peaks, not surprisingly the Duffer brothers, the authors, had signed that beautiful tribute to Lynch that was Wayward Pines. The formula is very simple. Every season and almost every episode, someone from the main cast is in dire straits. Sometimes relationships also fray but then come back together.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror“, British TV series conceived and produced by Charlie Brooker, is among the most popular of recent years and is about to reveal to the public, after a year of anxious waiting, its new season, consisting of 6 episodes, broadcast on Netflix this year. In the meantime, let’s rediscover why it was so successful. “Black Mirror”, aired since 2011 on Channel4 and since 2015 on Netflix, is a science fiction drama series made up of a succession of stories with characters and settings that vary in each episode. The only common thread that binds the various situations, set in a present similar to ours or in paradoxical futures, is the theme of technology, seen in a dystopian key, and its relationship with human beings, sometimes totally dependent and subjected.

Midnight Mass

Among the new Netflix productions, a special mention deserves Midnight Mass, the latest effort by Mike Flanagan. After four years in prison for running over and killing a young girl while driving while intoxicated, Riley Flinn returns to her native community of Crockett Island, a small island of 127 inhabitants; a ghostly and frayed place where everything revolves around the local church.

Best series to watch

Breaking Bad

There is no doubt that Breaking Bad  has become a pillar of the world of TV series, but perhaps we did not realize it at the moment because we are still totally immersed in the whirlwind of emotions that this exceptional product made us feel. Breaking Bad is a series that lasted five years, a period in which Gilligan ‘s mind was able to create a world, piece by piece, with attention to the smallest detail. The protagonist of the series is the chemistry professor Walter White (Bryan Cranston), an engaging and brilliant character who dedicates himself to a “second job” that is as unconventional as it is legal, but which has earned him (several, several and several) millions of dollars thanks to his great skills as an expert in the chemical field. 


1994-2004. Ten years for ten seasons in the company of some crazy and crazy friends that we all would have liked to know (maybe not to have neighbors as neighbors, perhaps). And seventeen, many years have passed since that last episode, from that close up on the frame that surrounded the peephole of Monica’s apartment. And yes, even the driest had sweaty eyes that day.

Downton Abbey

The Downton Abbey series was created by Julian Fellowes in 2010 and starred among others by Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, Michelle Dockery, Maggie Smith, Joanne Froggatt and Dan Stevens(The beauty and the Beast). Located in Yorkshire, Downton Abbey is the beautiful country estate of the Earl and Countess of Grantham and their daughters. Revered by a bevy of servants whose dynamics seem more cumbersome than the aristocracy itself, the Crawleys face an internal crisis when, in the aftermath of the sinking of the Titanic in which the earl’s cousin and his son lost their lives, the property and conspicuous dowry of the countess remain without an heir. Matthew, the family’s cousin and Manchester lawyer, becomes the new beneficiary, a fate that horrifies Countess Mother Violet.

The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes is a deputy sheriff who is injured in a firefight and goes into a coma. The awakening, shortly after, is traumatic: the hospital is destroyed and full of corpses. The dead awaken and attack the living, whose presence is less and less. The sheriff will use all survival skills and weaponry skills to get out of the city, finding other refugee survivors in the woods: among them, he finds his family. But soon they will realize that the real enemies are other human beings, driven solely by the survival instinct.

BoJack Horseman

The latest season of BoJack Horseman is exciting. Not just because it’s the latest character story we fell in love with, but also because it’s BoJack : a series that takes a kaleidoscope of feelings and flashes it through the brain. The characters have the strengths and weaknesses of real people, they have goals, passions and above all they change. Change is the main theme of the whole show. As in life, there are those who cannot change despite attempts, those who manage to regenerate themselves without effort and those who are forced to do so by circumstances, but we all change sooner or later.

Best HBO series

House of the Dragon

This story begins 172 years before Daenerys Targaryen is born, when King Jaehaerys, short of male descendants, who according to Westeros law always have precedence over females, chooses his nephew Vyseris I as heir. Years later, even King Vyseris has no sons to give the crown to: only a girl, the fierce Rhaenyra. This causes a big problem, because the potential heir to the Iron Throne is supposed to be Vyseris’ brother, Daemon, who is unconscious and uncontrollable. Around this void, a real struggle for power is unleashed that involves not only the different branches of the extended Targaryen family, but also the other houses of Westeros, especially those who appear in the Sovereign’s Council.

The Great

The young Catherine (Elle Fanning), a member of a noble family in crisis, is preparing to join her consort Peter III of Russia (Nicholas Hoult), son of the late Peter the Great. Life at court, however, is not what the girl imagined. The husband is not as loving and witty as she thought, but rather a dull and often cruel individual, completely unprepared for the leading role of Russia. The war fortunes of Russia are disastrous and the noble society is superficial and devoted to entertainment. But Caterina dreams of a different country, reformed according to the enlightened spiritwhich moves Europe and is open to the new ideas of poets, writers and intellectuals. Her initial naivety does not prevent the young woman from pursuing her dream of reform and doing everything to become Empress: Catherine the Great!

The Undoing 

Hugh Grant cleverly links back to his image as a man obsessed with sex in new HBO miniseries The Undoing, and through her character, director Suzanne Bier tells a story about the aberrations of instinct set in New York well. As for the female protagonist Nicole Kidman, the phenomenal lack of expression on her face, much criticized in recent years, here shows the positive sides of her, restoring the aura of a certain mysteriousness. The Australian actress plays a successful American psychotherapist who has among her habits to walk between skyscrapers and Central Park in the middle of the freezing New York winter, constantly trying to look stunned whenever she learns something new and monstrous about her husband, played by a gracious Hugh Grant. Viewers will wonder: Is this woman’s indignation real?

The Good Fight 

The Good Wife was one of the series that remained in the hearts of television viewers the most; and probably also one of the most underestimated, probably due to a certain suspicion of a genre (the legal-drama) that has produced numerous products that are not always of quality. Yet, in its seven seasons of life and in its 156 episodes, it has detached itself from the beginning from its enclosure and from the comfort zone of the genre to talk about everything else: from politics, to the difficulty of interpersonal relationships, up to how the public always interferes with the private and vice versa in a complex and multifaceted unicuum.

The Flight Attendant

Cassie investigates, looks, spies, tries to find out what is hiding the man her boss showed her the photo of; right from the meeting there is something strange: they find themselves “by chance” at the counter of a hotel bar, he drinks a coke, she tries to strike up a button and as always succeeds but then discovers by asking the reception that he does not sleeps there. It takes very little for the woman to find the hotel and room number, she weaves some crazy story. She performs the same procedure in her hotel as her, obtains a magnetic key to be able to see from her window that of the mysterious man.

Best series on Amazon Prime

Nine Perfect Strangers

The nine characters embody all the flaws and frailties of contemporary society: a family unable to mourn, a failed writer, a drug addict sports champion and others, each with their own burden of pain and insecurity. The oasis in which they find themselves is not what it seems and the series, produced by David Kelley (who worked with Kidman for Big Little Lies and The Undoing ), lets itself be revealed little by little, serving a slow and cryptic start. Nine perfect strangers of the title are nine characters, they are there because they need to find a place of peace in which to take refuge, to soothe their pains, to lick their wounds, a sort of human lethargy in which to make peace.

Big Little Lies

We are in Monterey, a small town in  California. It is the first day of primary school for a group of six-year-olds. Mothers accompany them. Here Celeste ( Nicole Kidman )  and  Madeline ( Reese Witherspoon ) meet with a young girl – mother  Jane Chapman  (Shailene Woodley).  On their return to school, a little girl accuses – in front of everyone –  Jane’s son, Ziggy, of being bullied. From this event, the three women will unite to protect little Ziggy from accusations, creating a great friendship between them, while the child will be increasingly “labeled” as a bully by the school and society that revolves around that institution.

The White Lotus

It’s hard to summarize a viewing experience like The White Lotus, a six-episode Hbo production arriving on Sky Atlantic and Now on August 30th. You could start from the marvel of the setting in a super luxury resort in Maui (where a room can cost 25 thousand dollars a night), immersed in the stunning nature of Hawaii. Or the soundtrack so punctuated and recurring as to be obsessive and repulsive. Or even with a seemingly insignificant plot: the life of a group of guests during a week’s vacation in a very expensive tropical hotel. Yet The White Lotus, created by the creator of School of Rockand Enlightment Mike White, is much more than its individual elements, resulting in a mosaic of very human idiosyncrasies held together by social satire and very dark humor.

The Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time was the best debut everfor an Amazon Prime Video series and in a short time The Wheel of Time reached one billion minutes of streaming. The resounding success of the show written by Rafe Judkins is also testified by the score on Rotten Tomatoes of The Wheel of Time and based on these assumptions it was only a matter of time before a new season was made official – the producer promises a great second season of La Wheel of Time. It therefore seems almost pretext to comment negatively on a series that has been so successful, but this show is plagued by objectively serious flaws- from the staging to the management of narrative rhythms – which make the Amazon series unable to honor the excellent ideas provided by the great universe created by Robert Jordan.
The Legend of Vox Machina

The first season of this particular animated series consists of a total of 12 episodes , it is based on the first campaign of Dungeons & Dragons that the professional voice actors who are part of the Critical Role group. This means that an entire narrative arc was told in its entirety in this first season, but it is clear, from the final scenes of the last episode, that the story certainly does not end here: in fact, something happens, which we will not tell you to avoid spoilers, which opens definitely a second season.

Best tv series of all time


The word Chernobyl sends a shiver down the spine. Not only to those who experienced that tragedy in those years, but also for those who arrived later, born with the myth of the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl and the city of Prypjať. HBO tries to tell all this, starting from the disaster of that April 26 until the trial that took place a year later, with all the research, the horrors and the tragic discoveries of the case, in a masterful and enormously powerful miniseries. Directed by Johan Renck and written by Craig MazinMa, Chernobyl is made up of five episodes, all lasting an hour except for the pilot which touches on an hour and a half. Five episodes with an important and thematic length of a certain weight, but which at the same time manages to exert a magnetic, charismatic power. Eyes wide open all the time, stomach closed.


Arcane was a real event with which Riot Games launched League of Legends in a tide of other video game crossovers, creating a system of rewards and prizes to be obtained through multiple Riot games, and beyond. An almost pioneering marketing maneuver for the world of video games, accompanied by a work that has turned out to be a masterpiece, week after week. Arcane is therefore the perfect way to insert these backgrounds into something more complex and comprehensive. The events revolve around the characters of Vi, Jinx, Jayce, Viktor, Ekko, Caitlyn, Heimerdinger and Singed, plus the appearance of a few other characters. 


Fargo is one of the most prestigious television products of recent years: thanks to an excellent cast and a refined script, the series conceived and written by Noah Hawley is considered an example of the high quality standard achieved by television series in the last thirty years, able to reach and in some cases even surpass the “big brother” cinema. The series takes its cue from the film of the same name (1996) by the Coen brothers (executive producers of the television Fargo ) but completely distances itself from it: each season tells a story in itself, with characters and settings that are different from time to time, united by telling stories of crimes involving ordinary people. The flavor is just that of a Coen brothers film: eccentric characters, bizarre and apparently aimless dialogues, sleepy American provinces that become theaters of brutal violence.

The Ofice

In 2001, a TV series created by one of the most famous stand-up comedians of all time, Ricky Gervais, was broadcast on the British networks: we are talking about The Office. Given the enormous success of the series a few years later, in 2005, it was adapted in America, once again with a very well-known face in the comic world, especially overseas: Steve Carell. Even without wanting to or knowing it, you have surely stumbled upon The Office before: if you have a minimum of web culture you will have seen clips like this or many others become memes. 


Even before reaching its third and final season, as always published by Netflix, Dark has established itself as one of the most memorable television series of all time, for its extraordinary ability to deal with incredibly complex social, ethical and scientific issues and in the same way to be able to withstand, from start to finish, the threads of a story that has few equals in the history of the small screen. The show, the work of director Baran bo Odar and screenwriter Jantje Friese (companions at work and in life), has proven, over the past three years, capable of rising above all others in its genre, setting up and managing in an exquisite way a complex network of links within a cast of biblical proportions, and doing so while maintaining a narrative coherence to say the least unique.

Best series on Hulu

Under the Banner of Heaven

Under the Banner of Heaven, as its name suggests, fishes in the world of religion, but is far more murky than a Seventh Heaven (which only became murky in retrospect when its main actor was found to be molesting little girls). In this case, the protagonist of the story is detective Jeb Pyre (Garfield) who belongs to a community of Mormons (the fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and who must investigate some crimes that took place within that same community. Under the Banner of Heaven follows Detective Pyre, played by Andrew Garfield, as his faith is tested during the investigation into the horrific killing of Brenda and her 15-month-old daughter Erica. As he examines their deaths, Detective Pyre begins to question Church teachings after making contact with the suspected killer. Krakauer’s book examines the actual story of Brenda and Erica’s death at the hands of Ron and Dan Lafferty, who claimed to have received a message from God telling them to commit those crimes.

The Patient

Created by The Americans executive producers Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields, The Patient in 10 episodes follows Carell as Alexander Strauss, a psychotherapist who helps his patients cope with their conflicting emotions although he too has several. At one point he finds himself the prisoner of a serial killer (Gleeson) who makes him an unusual request: to curb his murderous impulses. But unraveling this man’s mind while also dealing with the shockwaves of his repressed problems shapes a journey perhaps as insidious as his imprisonment.

Little Fires Everywhere

Resse Witherspoon plays Elena Richardson, part-time journalist, wife of a lawyer and mother of four more or less spoiled children, but above all the queen of a posh and posh neighborhood where there are rules of appearance for every case, including the height of the meadow grass. Her world of Victorian rigor, success and perfection is thrown into crisis when she decides, more to prove to herself that she is open-minded than anything else, to rent an apartment to Mia Warren ( Scandal ‘s Kerry Washington, also the protagonist and producer here), a bohemian artist always on the run from city to city and short of money, who moves there with his daughter Pearl(a very good Lexi Underwood). 

American Horror Stories

American Horror Stories is a spin-off mini-series consisting of 7 episodes, lasting about 45-48 minutes each: each episode is independent, that is, it stages different plots and characters from time to time, except for the first 2 episodes titled Rubber (Wo) man, linked to each other and to the last episode, Game Over. Although Rubber (Wo) man takes up the location, the themes and the horror underlying them that are part of the first season of American Horror Story entitled Murder House(as fans of the historical series certainly know), the route taken by this new series signed by Murphy and Falchuk heads towards a somewhat different path.

The Dropout

Amanda Seyfried  takes on in her angular and ‘naturally’ disagreeable face the challenge of embodying a character trodden on the real person of Elizabeth Holmes, whose sociopathic tendencies are revealed in an absence of empathy very well returned by the interpreter. First student of the  chemical engineering course at Stanford who also studies Mandarin, plans her first time, wants to burn the time of her education and abruptly leaves the university – hence ” dropout ” chosen as a title: in English it means both who those who leave a course of study before completing it are excluded from social life.

Best streaming series

The Summer I Turned Pretty

All the Times I’ve Loved You Fans here is the series you’ve been looking for! After the huge success of the Netflix trilogy, Jenny Han, this time thanks to Amazon Prime Video, returns to adapt her novels for the small screen. Let’s start with the review of The Summer I Turned Pretty, a series that blends comedy with drama, it’s fun, summer vibes and great representation. It will keep you glued to the screen until the last episode. The Summer I Turned Pretty tells the story of the new and exciting summer of Belly (Lola Tung), a very young girl just of legal age who in the space of a summer went from being the little girl of the house to the girl that everyone would like by their side.

Locke & Key

Locke & Key from the pen and imagination of Joe Hill (son of the legendary Stephen King ), author of the homonymous 2008 comic series, horror / fantasy. In a long gestation process that started in 2011, which went through the decline of traditional channels and suggestions of a film trilogy, the project of a series ended up in the hands of Netflix, which entrusted it to the skilled hands of Carlton Cuse ( Lost ),  Aron Eli Coleite ( Daybreak ) and  Meredith Averill ( Hill House ), with unfortunately unsatisfactory results. Following the violent death of their father, the Locke family, consisting of mother Nina ( Darby Stanchfield ) and three children Bode ( Jackson Robert Scott ), Tyler ( Connor Jessup ) and Kinsey ( Emilia Jones ), move into the sinister family home. in the town of Matheson (Lovecraft in the comic series, an equal exchange of tributes to thrill masters), Massachusetts. The house, known as the Keyhouse, has been guarded by the Locke family for several generations, and is surrounded by an aura of mystery and legend for the magical forces that govern it.

The Witcher

The Continent is no place for weak hearts. On the Continent, a land steeped in curses, dark prophecies and unclean creatures, living is a luxury for the few. For everyone else there is survival. Let’s open this review of The Witcher by immediately making it clear that the new Netflix series not only tells the story of the witcher who gives it its name, but is a pass for a whole world. A vast world, full of myth and legend. A world of which we are preparing to discover only the tip of the iceberg. Because, after watching the first five episodes of the eight that make up the first season of the series, we have the strong feeling of having tasted only one appetizer.

The Sandman

Conceived by Neil Gaiman, author of the graphic novel of the same name that inspired it, the highly anticipated series The Sandman has been available on the Netflix catalog for a few days. Morpheus ( Tom Sturridge ), or Dream of the Eternals is the lord of the realm of Dreams who during one of his visits to the realm of waking, or our plane of existence, is captured by a necromancer. His imprisonment will have consequences in every kingdom. Once free, he will try to reconstruct what was lost. With some slight differences compared to the award-winning graphic novel that inspired it, The Sandman lands in the world of series thanks to Netflix and Warner Bros Television. The series presents itself to the public with little rhythm in the first few bars, but already from the second episode begins its own spiral of events that, whirlwind, will lead to the final epilogue.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

The story of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power tells of the events that led Celebrimbor, a Noldo Elf and the greatest blacksmith of the Eregion, to create during the Second Age the Rings of Power, or those instruments of power that Sauron he would then check with the One Ring, wreaking havoc in Middle-earth. Specifically, however, the Amazon Studios series centers on a young Galadriel, engaged in a seemingly insane mission: to prove that the evil defeated decades earlier is actually still present, it’s only hiding before inflicting the final blow.

Best new series

First Kill

First Kill, Netflix ‘s new teen series released June 10, which tells the impossible love story between a vampire teen and a vampire hunter, we will demonstrate how, to extract the hit elements of the teen sagas and mix them together, is not always a guarantee of quality. Based on the short story of the same name by V. E Schwab, here also producer and author of the first episode of the 8 that make up the series, First Kill focuses on two protagonists, Juliette Fairmont ( Sarah Catherine Hook ) and Calliope Burns ( Imani Lewis), very different from each other, not only for small superficial details but for being born into two families destined to be enemies. 


Even if the authors Vanessa Gazy, Brian Yorkey and Quinton Peples have left more than a glimmer open to a possible sequel, at the end of the seven episodes (of about forty minutes each) that go to compose it, in very few they would bet on putting in construction site of a second season of Echoes. This is because the series landed on Netflix on August 19, 2022, on which many had had many hopes, completely disappointed expectations. Here then is that the plot becomes a jumble of suggestions and ideas, from which predictable, confused, weak, cumbersome and poorly managed dynamics arise that call into question the theme of the double through the events of two homozygous twins named Leni and Gina, who they hide a dangerous and unspeakable secret.

Fate: The Winx Saga

In the year of coming of age for the Winx, who debuted in the now distant 2004 on the Rai networks with the animated series created by Iginio Straffi, on September 16 the new episodes of the live-action TV series produced by Netflix also arrive. Let’s find out together in this review of the second season of Fate: The Winx Saga if the expectations towards the show have been met.

Never Have I Ever

There are so many TV series on adolescence and the risk is the same for all, namely that of falling into clichés and making a phase of life terribly stereotyped that, instead, is full of facets and diversity. The events revolve around the protagonist Devi Vishwakumar who, after a hellish year, wants to try to change her social status. It would seem the presupposition of a series that has already been seen and reviewed, but we must add several things to this: the irreverent voice of an external narrator who comments on Devi’s life with an irony that often leads to sarcasm ; the protagonist’s Indian origins, which clash with her desire to live a perfect American life; a disenchanted vision of reality that eliminates clichés or, when they are absolutely necessary, ridicules them.

Night Sky

The series, created by Holden Miller and produced by Amazon Prime Video , is structured in ten episodes, lasting about an hour each, in which the stories of an elderly married couple, the seventy-year-old Franklin York ( JK Simmons ) are told. and Irene York ( Sissy Spacek), who happily spend their days in a cozy house in the middle of the green woods, their life is apparently marked by a monotonous routine, characterized by long days spent at home and repetitive pastimes, except for a secret that they jealously guard in their garden for over twenty years: the passage under their tool shed unravels in a path that leads directly to a portal to a world far from Earth. Visits to this fantastic world represent for the couple an escape from monotony, a way to escape from the gray present they live and in which they are trapped, the last chance to look at something with amazement and wonder.

Best series to binge watch

Russian Doll

It is not a conventional series and there is no rain on that. The topic dealt with? The parallel universes! Fascinating yes but not so original. Its protagonist? A half rowdy, tempting six-year-old with very rich hair and a rebellious attitude, just like the Disney heroine she looks like. A woman at the mercy of multiple dissatisfactions, fears, psychological crises and a million traumas that she has been carrying for years. Definitely not a heroine or a role model and not one of those characters that some screenwriter and director is expected to pay attention to or make her become the protagonist of a TV series. Natasha Lyonne, however, creator, producer and interpreter of the series, has the courage to do so and to create a product outside the box and for this very reason really interesting and original.


The series of the moment? Obviously You. With its excesses and inconsistencies, with its dangerous fascinations, it is so unbalanced as to be irresistible. The reason? Because seeing her, episode after episode of the ten that make up the first season, manages to make you believe that you are, despite everything, a better person. And the reason is clear: the protagonists have very little good. Let’s take the protagonist, Joe, played by Gossip Girl ‘s Penn Badgley. Joe is the manager of a historic library in the Village. He loves books and literature, and everything he knows, we understand, was taught by the old manager, whose fate, however, we do not know well. So Joe, we immediately take him to heart: he doesn’t have many friends, no family, a complicated relationship behind him and a neighbor, little Paco, who suffers the oppression of his mother’s disgusting companion. Joe helps him as he can by seeing himself in him.


Fleabag is a British drama television series set in London. Phoebe Waller Bridge plays the main character Fleabag, a young Londoner woman. She the actress is also the author of the show which was initially just a play. Fleabag is featured in the Amazon Prime Video catalog and is a co-production between the BBC Three channel and Amazon Studios. Fleabag is a young woman who runs a guinea pig-themed café in London. Initially the woman had decided to open this place together with her best friend Boo, but an unpredictable tragedy upsets the protagonist: Boo dies in a car accident, apparently after a love disappointment. 

Raising Dion

There are TV series that are only suitable for an adult audience, others are aimed mainly at children; sitcoms on the other hand, generally, can be seen a little by everyone, but their dialogues and jokes sometimes end up not being understood by children. And then there is Raising Dion, a series that debuted in 2019 with its first nine episodes and that can really be followed and enjoyed by everyone. The second season, consisting of eight episodes, was released by Netflix on February 1, 2022. In Raising Dion we see different genres intertwining that give life to an eclectic and enjoyable series, without never being too pretentious and resulting in excess that, unfortunately, we find in too many television products. 


Fringe pays the price of being born after the cornerstones of contemporary fiction, but rises a notch above a lot of trash TV… Remember what happened a while ago when The Prestige and The Illusionist came out almost concurrently ? The first, a theoretical masterpiece by Christopher Nolan, was a war of wizards that hid an intense and lucid pamphlet on the duality of good / evil and reality / illusion; which inevitably overshadowed the beauty of the second, with the honest direction of Neil Burger, a tragic and intense love story set in a foggy turn of the century Vienna. A story that, however well told and exciting, could do nothing against the abysmal depth of thought of the former.

Best series of all time

Dr. House

The series is about the character of Dr. Gregory House, a doctor who goes very far from the traditional schemes of this figure, but with a unique genius and great ability and experience, which will lead him to solve several cases, which at first may even seem impossible., thanks to his insights. House leads a diagnostic medicine team at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, New Jersey. From this base, however, different situations will also start, which will also speak of Dr House’s private life, with its many problems and difficulties, the first and most evident linked to the disability that he has been carrying for some time, due to an accident that occurred.

The Crown

The eighties of Margaret Thatcher and Lady Diana are at the center of the fourth season of the series, which starts from the terrorist upsurge of the IRA in the late seventies and runs through the following decade, the most difficult for the English working class squeezed between unemployment. devaluation of the pound and a class struggle among the hardest and most suffered. A challenging decade also for the Crown, suffocated by scandals, opposed to Tatcher’s politics and troubled by the fluctuating trend of the marriage between Charles and Diana, compromised by the omnipresence of the uncomfortable third Camilla Parker-Bowles.


So, after recovering Clyde Phillips  – one of Dexter ‘s main showrunners who had abandoned the project after the fourth season -, launches in rest, the television network has decided to put back in the saddle one of the most ferocious serial killers ever to appear on the small screen for granting him an “end of the path” that could satisfy all the parties involved, production and spectators. Before launching into an analysis on Dexter: New Blood,  however, it seems appropriate to start from a small premise linked to the previous 8 seasons dedicated to Dex.

The Haunting of Hill House

The first thing little Nell hears when she arrives at Hill House is that the house is very noisy. Too bad that no one is listening to her, not even her mother who, aware of her own sensory abilities and those of her children, should have stood at her attention. Perhaps this is the only small flaw of a product that is impeccable. I found it hard to believe that Olivia Crane didn’t close the shed and the puppets at the first alarm. Very well, we said. All the little Cranes, some more or less, perceive from the first moment that something is wrong with the house. Strange phenomena occur and they feel like they are not completely alone. Theo tests his skills for the first time, Nell is tormented by the woman with the crooked neck, Luke sees a strange floating man and a monster in the cellar but no one pays them any attention. Until it’s too late. Through the skilful use of flashbacks (one of the most effective narrative mechanisms) we are gradually revealed what happened in that evil house, until the last night in which all but one Crane ran away.


Bryan Fuller instinctively plays (primary) at a table where competitors pride themselves on knowing how to raise their hole cards with their thoughts. Because the dance – narcissistic, bold, sometimes superbly risky – of the murderer becomes in Hannibal a disturbing step two in the room of mirrors. Will Graham ( Hugh Dancy ) is positioned between victim and executioner, prodigious FBI profiler who brings identification to the highest – and mentally dizzying – possible level: from the mangled corpse it climbs up the nervous body of the murderer until it becomes his eyes, open wide on the death that is taking place. Once again Fuller chooses an (anti) hero with a cumbersome, evil, unnatural gift.

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