The world is facing a pandemic and what is the best way to pass the time than playing some of the best online games from home? Staying at home is boring, especially when you have nothing to do. However, you can have fun and even enjoy the current situation thanks to the Internet and online games. The development of online games has brought a craze to the gaming industry.

Granted, there are plenty of online games you can play with friends, like CS:GO and GTA Online. But for those who aren’t necessarily gaming buffs, these titles can be a little intimidating. Read down below and find out which are the best online games to play right now with friends. 

Free online games

Sea of ​​Thieves 

This pirate life simulation game is perfect for group play. You have a boat, treasures and enemies to eliminate. We strongly suggest that you do some role-playing: it adds a layer of humor.

Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood revolves around team play: cooperation is the heart of the game. With three other friends on your team, you can shoot your way through a long campaign and survive against hordes of zombies. He’s a spiritual heir to Left 4 Dead and the only way you can recapture that same co-op spirit on modern consoles. No two runs are alike in the game, thanks to an “AI director” who throws waves of enemies at you when you least expect them. 

Aliens: Fireteam Elite 

If you don’t have a team of four for Back 4 Blood, Aliens: Fireteam Elite offers similar action but with a team of three. It is also in third person instead of first and, as the name implies, you will fight with xenomorphs rather than zombies. It’s a tactical shooter where you and your friends will have to defend areas with turrets and mines before using your smart weapons and plasma rifles against hordes of aliens crawling on walls, ceilings and floors. At higher difficulty levels, it perfectly captures the tension and panic of that famous Aliens scene. Aliens: Fireteam Elite is on Game Pass right now. 

Borderlands 3 

Switch your brain off, stick out your tongue and invite some friends – Borderlands 3 may not be the most sophisticated shooter on this list, but does it really matter when you have five billion guns? Exactly. There are guns that fire rockets, shotguns that explode when you reload them, and all kinds of weird weapons. Just ignore that annoying robot, and you’ll have a lot of fun. Comparing your arsenal to that of your friends is almost a game in itself. Borderlands 3 is the perfect game for when you want to hear some friends and shoot some mutants at the same time.

Destiny 2

From farming monster hiding places to searching for +10 space pants, Destiny 2 is one of the best shooters out there, and by pure chance it’s also co-op. It has complex and lengthy raids, as well as online PvP, and you can team up with your friends and go wherever you go. Now, it’s also free to try.

GTA Online

GTA Online is more than just a co-op game, but if you can find a team of four and take part in some online heist, there is nothing better out there. Sure, Payday 2 is also a co-op bank robbery game, but that’s all about shooting. In GTA Online, there’s a whole preparation phase, heist planning and everyone has to work together to make it through in distinct roles. We recently chatted with Rockstar Games about the new GTA Online update, which adds Dr. Dre and a handful of new co-op missions.


Minecraft can be whatever you want. Join a friend and take part in a hardcore survival simulation, locking yourself up somewhere at night so you don’t get killed by the skeletons and zombies. Or maybe you could grab a few friends and spend hours in creative mode to build something majestic – a place to be together, or something to exhibit online. When you’re done, jump into the custom servers for endless, unparalleled fun in online games with friends.

Games online

Elden Ring

Sure, Elden Ring isn’t a traditional co-op game, but you can definitely play it largely with a friend if you both have some patience. While there is a unique thrill in finishing From Software games alone, there is a different kind of fun in taking down their bosses with a friend – especially if you both create a different type of character. Is one of you standing at a distance and firing spells while the other fights closely with a katana? Fantastic. If you are still touring the Interregnum, check out our guide to Elden Ring.


The battle royale of Epic Games is now a classic. The game has been at the top for more than 4 years now! Between collaborations, events and news, the game has managed to keep players attached to the monitor for more than 20 seasons now.

Grand Theft Auto V

Insurmountable is the title of Rockstar Games that has accompanied us for 3 videogame generations without getting tired. Reborn during the last two years also thanks to the role plays that have become very popular, the game continues to have an ever-growing audience.

Call of Duty

When it comes to multiplayer online games, one cannot fail to mention Call of Duty. The Activision saga offers a large multiplayer compartment and also allows you to physically play using two controllers, thanks to the split screen mode. Despite remaining among the first in the standings, the latest addition to Activision Call of Duty Vanguard disappoints the expectations of even the most loyal players, forcing the publisher himself to admit the problems present. 2022, they promise, will be the year of redemption for the most beloved multiplayer saga. Will it really be like this?

World of Warcraft

It was the first MMO to become a mass phenomenon and since 2004 it has won more and more fans. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft is set in the Warcraft universe. Free up to level 20, you can then join the game through the internet and pay a monthly fee. News of the last few days is the arrival of a new mobile project, born in the Blizzard house. Warcraft Arclight Rumble will soon be available in beta for iOS and Android with a colorful and simplified version of characters and settings already seen in Warcraft. At the center of the game, there will be battles between teams of Mini, virtual figurines of the characters present on Azeroth.

Guild Wars 2

For those who love wars and fighting, Guild Wars 2 cannot be missed. The game offers the possibility to fight against other players in structured mode or in free mode, traveling through ever-expanding maps. Fast and dynamic, it is characterized by great realism: every decision of the player has different consequences. This way, each character can customize their own story. Free for the first levels, the expansion must be purchased.

Online games to play with friends

Cards Against Humanity

Another free online game that we got to try with friends and that turned out to be a great pastime was a clone of Cards Against Humanity, a party game for horrible people, as the creators call it. For those unfamiliar with it, the operation of the game is really simple: each turn, a player will have to choose a black card, which tends to present a question or ask to complete a sentence with one or more words, while the other participants will have to choose one or more white cards that best match the chosen black card; the player who chose the black card will then have to choose the answer that he thinks is best or funniest.

Wii Sports

Upon its arrival on the market, the Wii upset the codes of video games. And the most emblematic game of the console is none other than Wii Sports, in which the members of a family could compete in bowling, tennis or golf. But if sales are so high, it is also and above all because Nintendo has decided to include the game with the console in a large part of the world. Thanks to this, even those who were not interested in the game ended up with a copy at home. A tactic that explains the astronomical figure of 82 million copies sold. 

Super Mario 64

Super Mario, an original game for computers, being the first of the Super Mario title to feature three-dimensional (3D) graphics, conquered the whole world, becoming practically a mark of the introduction of games into people’s lives. It was developed and published by Nintendo and released in 1996 for the Nintendo 64. Here, the player controls the protagonist Mario, who travels through Princess Peach’s castle in an effort to rescue her from the villainous Bowser. Super Mario 64 features 3D open-world gameplay, a dynamic camera system and 360° analog control. In this world, with the freedom to move between three-dimensional locations, it is necessary for the player to complete missions to reach the final challenge.


Roblox is a game where the goal is to… BUILD YOUR GAME! Think of this game as a huge box of legos, where you could have all the elements you want. For example, you can decide to build a water park, a military base or an entire city, there is no real limit in this game. Much appreciated by young players, Roblox has nevertheless taken many years to become essential. Now, videos on the net abound, and Roblox has even managed to dethrone Fortnite among the under 16s, which says a lot about the success of the game. However, the game is no less suitable for adults, and might be right for you if you’re the type to enjoy the creative process!

Lost Ark

Causing a real cataclysm when it was released, Lost Ark is part of this new generation of MMORPGs that wants to breathe new life into the genre. Accessible to everyone at the start, the game becomes more and more difficult as you evolve, pitting you against more and more punishing Bosses. High-level raids on Lost Ark are tough, and will provide a challenge for PVE fans. PVP is no slouch, as the arena system is largely skill-based. So yes, some classes are better, but the overall balance is pretty incredible. 

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is another “battle royale”, much more access to teamwork and aiming. Like Fortnite, you find yourself on a huge map, which shrinks over the course of the game. You must therefore arm yourself, in order to have a chance of winning during the many confrontations with your enemies.

Best free online games

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The latest opus of the wise Counter Strike is still at the height of its glory, almost 10 years after its release. Building on the reputation of its big brother released in 1998, CS:GO owes its success to its huge community, renowned for welcoming players of all ages. Placed in one of the two teams: anti-terrorists or terrorists, you are part of a team of 5 players, which aims to plant the bomb on a site, or to defuse it.

League of Legends

Riot Games’ first game, which was released in 2009, was basically a mode of the Dota game, which was extremely popular with the community at the time. From the first months, League of Legends caused enormous hype, and was able to create a huge community. Combining dynamic confrontations and strategies, the game is a fan today. Totally free, the game obviously has a cosmetics shop, and allows the purchase of champions, which are now more than 140. Also endowed with a rich and detailed history, League of Legends connects players with their favorite champions, and these are often the result of cosplay in the various fairs and gatherings around the video game.


Developed by Riot Games and released during the 2020 pandemic, Valorant is now one of the most loved games by the gaming community. Presents itself at the same time under a strategic aspect, thanks to its surprising options whose use requires a great reflection. But it is also these elements that bring fun to the middle of a contest in this game. It has thus achieved remarkable success in just a few years since its release, and is not far behind CS:GO which is in third square.

Red Dead Redemption II

The most expensive video game in history with its 800 million dollar budget is obviously also one of the best-selling. The Rockstar Games adventure, in which the player embodies Arthur Morgan, exceeded 34 million copies sold in September 2020. If the game was released in 2018, it largely continues to live thanks to its online mode which always attracts more of players. And according to publisher Take Two, microtransactions in the game itself have increased by 96% in the last 12 months with a nice growth in player numbers during the first lockdown of the year.

Path of Exile

Grinding Gear Games offers the game without having to pay. And content, there’s enough to keep busy full time. This is somewhat the main criticism of Path of Exile, which relies on a complexity rarely seen for such a game. The skill tree is enough to make the Sphere Grid blush in Final Fantasy X with a ton of synergies. Every three months, Grinding Gear Games releases a major update for its game. The most recent at the time of this writing, Scourge, is among the most successful. The league concept is another great idea for not just bulky endgame.

Genshin Impact

This newcomer to the action role-playing game (ARPG) genre has generated a lot of interest since its release in September 2020. Genshin Impact from Chinese studio miHoYo is a clever mix between what you’d expect from an MMO and a game like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Beyond the similarities lies a free game with solid foundations. Exploring the world of Teyvat with its charming anime -inspired visuals is a real pleasure. Like many other games in its category, Genshin Impact does not escape the many mechanisms to fill miHoYo’s coffers. On this subject, the gacha and its probabilities could discourage, especially since the best heroes are very difficult to obtain by pure chance.

Games to play online


Valorant is one of the newer free games on this list. Created by Riot Games which was discussed earlier with League of Legends, this is another five-on-five tactical FPS. On the surface, Valorant is very close to a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with a more colorful style. That’s true for the tactical side of the FPS, but the gameplay itself mostly reminds me of Overwatch. Each player embodies a hero (agents if you prefer) with unique powers. Weapons are purchased at the start of new rounds (like in Counter-Strike!); Initially, each hero only has access to a gun and a charged skill.


In the great jungle of MOBAs, dominated by a few top names (also present in this ranking), Battlerite manages to hold its own thanks to a game system that emphasizes on the action. Here, no lane and another slew of servants to knock out, but nervous clashes between champions, which are almost similar to what one can find in a fighting game. As a result of the races, the games are fast and hard-hitting, without losing their strategic aspect.


Among the most popular free-to-play games of recent decades, it is impossible not to mention the illustrious Dofus, a French MMORPG launched in 2004. Despite the years, the game continues to be updated and still has between 600 000 and 700,000 regular players. The online game has no less than 18 classes, 19 professions and many different combat systems.


Although it runs directly in your web browser and is partially free (you will have to pay to chain games beyond a certain threshold), GeoGuessr fully deserved to be in our selection. Very original and a real sensation on Twitch, it invites you to travel the world and “guess” as precisely as possible the location presented to you. It’s actually a very smart exploitation of the Google Maps API: you navigate through the photos of the Street View service, in a stripped down version, and you progressively investigate the country, the region, the road then the city where you are.


When Blizzard announced the release of Hearthstone, everyone laughed, as the collectible card game was on a slippery slope at that point (especially in its virtual iteration). However, it was bad to know this good old Blizzard who knew how to take everyone by surprise by offering a title that was simple to approach, and yet devilishly deep.


Beloved among video games, GTA 5 brings Rockstar Games to broaden the horizons of open world multiplayer worlds seasoned with great realism. In GTA 5 you can create a digital alter ego and play with your friends, even away from your console. Along with Red Dead Redemption 2, it is certainly among the titles that stands at the top of the ranking of the best MMOs.

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