Although the period we are experiencing is not the happiest, the April Fool is approaching and there is nothing wrong with allowing ourselves a little interlude of fun. Therefore, you better prepare yourself with an arsenal of funny pranks to play on friends, family, co-workers and bitter enemies. The origins of April Fool’s Day are uncertain. Before the adoption of the Gregorian calendar, in 1582, the New Year was celebrated between March 25 (the old date of the vernal equinox) and April 1. One of the most popular hypotheses therefore has it that, after the change of calendar, not everyone got used to the change and became the “fools of April”. Hence the origin of April 1st. 

Similar festivals can be found in ancient Rome (Hilaria on March 25) and the medieval Feast of Fools in December. According to some, April 1 originates from Pope Gregory XIII’s decision to restore the holiday of January 1 as a New Year’s Eve in the Gregorian calendar (the Julian calendar, which replaced it, celebrated the New Year on April 1). If you are searching for april fools ideas pranks down below you will find the best ones to prank your family, kids, teachers and boyfriend.

Good april fools pranks

We are all aware of the April Fool’s Day tradition. Yet we forget it every year, and half the time it falls on us. Yes, it’s still for your face this year my idiot, and picks up without saying anything under the mocking laughter. This year, the time has come to rise again. Read down below and see the best april fools pranks ideas. These will bring laughter for sure. For more fun read corny jokes for adults.

  • The false marriage proposal. This is certainly a good way to scare your partner, but it is very risky. In order not to risk your relationship being wrecked, then maybe you will be forced to really marry! 
  • The false or the false lover.  This is also a very dangerous joke, although if you do it right it can be a lot of fun. 
  • Another harmless and easy joke to play is to put confetti in the air vents of your friend’s car. With an excuse, it will be enough for you to be alone in the car of the designated victim and, as soon as she gets off to do some errands, you can proceed to the “crime”. 
  • Change your diet and habits.  Another good joke, much less dangerous than the previous ones, but which requires great acting skills. On April 1st, in fact, you could say that you are thinking of becoming vegan or enrolling in some particular course (perhaps dance), and that you expect your partner to try to change like you. 
  • Toothpaste biscuits are also on the same line. In this case you will have to make do with your own strength. You will need to buy a packet of cookies, the ones with cream or chocolate in the middle and replace all with a little toothpaste. 
  • If your friend is often on her social networks, a good April Fool’s Day could be to change the language on Facebook.  A harmless joke, albeit a bit annoying, which is very easy to do. 
  • Draw a spider on the toilet paper. 
  • Propose a cohabitation or a child. Here too the risk is high, if taken seriously and then in order not to disappoint your girlfriend or boyfriend, it’s better for you to get ready to go and buy a pram or a cot. 
  • Another fun joke can be to fill a room of the house with colorful balloons.  In addition to a few laughs, you will be able to start a party. 
  • Perhaps the most fun to do is vegetable lollipops, perhaps with a flavor of broccoli or spinach. An April Fool that can create a lot of laughter, especially when watching the disgusted grimaces of your children. 

Best april fools pranks

April 1st is the day of the year when all pranks are allowed. If you’re a frequent victim of pranks or just need some inspiration, here’s a great list of April Fool’s Day prank ideas. We have selected the best ideas for April Fool’s jokes for you, to keep your child’s soul and have fun while respecting your future prank victims. These are the best april fools pranks for your friends and kids. Choose the best april fool prank and have fun right now, also these funny jokes for adults will lift your spirit and to the ones you’ll send these funny jokes.

  • Replace cigarettes with colored pencils. 
  • Cover the toilet bowl with cellophane. 
  • Coat the shower soap with a coat of clear varnish. The soap will no longer foam! 
  • Put a glass of water (filled) upside down on a table, leave the room and ask your children to bring back the glass of water. 
  • Replace the contents of the toothpaste tube with mayonnaise or mustard. 
  • Put pink or red nail polish on your friend while he sleeps. 
  • Borrow your best friend’s cell phone and change the language to Chinese or Russian.
  • Same trick: change the language on your colleague’s computer.
  • Does your girlfriend like to drink decaffeinated before going to bed? Replace your usual dose with a super strong, caffeinated coffee. She’s going to have a great night!
  • Reverse the logos for the men’s and women’s restrooms.
  • Freshen up your co-worker’s desk with toilet deodorizer.
  • Mix food coloring into the milk carton in the fridge.
  • Mix food coloring with the windshield washer fluid from your dad’s car.
  • More thorough: Swap all the keys on your colleague’s keyboard. It will give him excellent typing training!
  • Reverse the “Pull” and “Push” signs on the front door of your office.
  • Spread plastic cups all over the floor of your colleague’s office.
  • Replace Oreo cream with toothpaste and give it to your colleagues.
  • Place a match in a cigarette in your brother’s packet and wait for him to light it.
  • Self-mockery: Bring several outfits to work, and change your style every hour, pretending nothing happened.
  • Put some water in your hand and pretend to sneeze while shaking your hand behind a friend’s head.
  • Steal something from someone’s desk and leave a ransom note.
  • Add several bogus appointments with sound alarms to your co-worker’s calendar.
  • Hide all desktop icons on your colleague’s computer and replace the monitor wallpaper with a picture of yourself.

April fools pranks for kids

Are you looking for a good joke to play on your kids? There are many pranks to make for a good laugh that can be found on the internet on this subject are hilarious! Read down below and choose the best april fools pranks for kids to play on your children.

  • Baaah! Sprinkle some salt on your kids’ toothbrushes the night before.
  • Cover the TV remote sensor with a piece of tape. Try not to laugh when your child repeatedly tries to turn on the TV.
  • Where am I? If your children are heavy sleepers, put them in a different bed once they are asleep. Imagine their surprise to wake up in another bed the next morning!
  • A blue cow? Dye your milk with food coloring the day before and serve it to your children for breakfast with this new color!
  • Another blue cow! Squeeze about ten drops of food coloring into the bottom of your child’s bowl, then cover it with cereal. As your child pours the milk, it changes color as it rises to the top.
  • Where is my Honey Pops? Swap the bags in your cereal boxes and see how long it takes your kids to find their favorite cereal.
  • Ahhhh! Buy realistic toys: flies, spiders, etc. And hide them in your children’s wardrobe: among socks, on T-Shirts…
  • Huh?! Change the computer mouse settings. In your computer’s settings, you can make the cursor go in the opposite direction to what it normally does.
  • Oops! Redecorate your children’s room while they sleep with toilet paper. Make sure you have the camera handy when they wake up!
  • Hello! Change your children’s alarm clock while they sleep to get them up 1 hour earlier without them knowing! They will be ready on time, that’s for sure!
  • Ouch! Put some toilet paper in the ends of their shoes and watch them think their feet have grown overnight.
  • More foam! Brush your bar soap with nail polish and put it back on the sink. The soap will not foam and your children will understand nothing!
  • Super Glue! Glue a few coins to the ground outside.
  • An upside down house! Put pictures, trinkets, toys, books, chairs, furniture, and anything possible upside down overnight.
  • Too hard! Prepare your children’s cereal the day before and place the bowl with the milk in the freezer, then watch with fun as your child tries to slide his spoon into the milk for breakfast.

April fools pranks to do at home

  • The simplest: make paper fish and stick them on the backs of others without their knowledge.
  • Stick adhesive tape on the remote control sensor. The first to use it won’t be able to turn on the TV.
  • Change the batteries of the remote control by paper fish.
  • Cut out paper cockroaches and place them inside a lampshade. When the lamp is lit, it will be thought that there is really a cockroach inside.
  • If your parents hate having pets in the house, make your parents believe they have found an abandoned dog near the house with a photo on WhatsApp
  • Put a trumpet under the chair of one of your parents, so as to make him jump at the time of lunch or dinner
  • Put the clear nail polish over the bar of soap: when your parents wash their hands they will have a nice surprise
  • Do you have honey or creams in the house? Put it behind your door handle, lock yourself in your room and call mom or dad
  • If you use the deodorant stick at home, you can sprinkle it with butter to ensure that those who use it do not notice anything.
  • Pretend you have received an email from your professors who want to speak to them urgently: how could they react?
  • Pretend you have received a letter of request for money at home due to a missed payment
  • Order some flowers at home and pretend they came from mom’s secret admirer – how could dad react?
  • If you have brothers or sisters, tell your parents a fake secret about him / her
  • Show your parents one of those videos where at the end a screaming monster appears: on the web you can find so many!

Easy april fools pranks for family

Are you ready for the funniest day of the year? At least after your birthday! April 1st is approaching and it’s time to indulge yourself with funny jokes to friends and relatives. These easy april fools pranks for family are the best to play a prank on your family and make them laugh. Continue to read and choose the best april fool joke to play on your family.

  • Fake insects are always welcome on the chair.
  • False love letters, disappearance of objects such as keys or the telephone, to be returned not too late to avoid crisis for friends.
  • An evergreen are absurd phone calls to friends or relatives, to keep them on their toes.
  • And again, the classic piece of paper or a small paper fish to stick, without being noticed, on the back of a colleague in the office.
  • For a joke for those who love channel zapping: just put a small piece of scotch tape on the remote control , in this way the signal to the TV will have difficulty reaching!
  • If, on the other hand, you have been invited to a friend’s house, before calling the intercom, put a disturbing photo on the peephole of the front door . They will surely be amazed.
  • And, to top it off, offer your relatives a good coffee, with a pinch of salt instead of sugar and enjoy their reactions.
  • Put baking soda in the toilet. When your boy goes to the bathroom in the morning, it will foam up and he will be in for a big surprise.
  • Put a small piece of plastic wrap under the shampoo bottle lid. When your children try to pour it into their hands, nothing will come out. It’s great fun to watch them shake and shake the full bottle!
  • Brush the inside of the tub faucet with blue food coloring (or another color). When your child goes to turn on the tap, they will have a big blue surprise at bath time.
  • Get creative in the kitchen and create fake broccoli treats stuck on a stick and covered in candy wrappers. Offer the lollipops for an after school snack and watch the confused faces of your children.
  • For breakfast, serve a fake fried egg: Place a yogurt on a plate with a peach half on top. You can also serve it with a tall glass of milk or chocolate that has been frozen!
  • Use a pin to poke holes in a banana to make slices inside. Give the fruit to your child and watch their reaction when they start peeling the banana!
  • Turn your child’s glass of milk into a solid with gelatin powder. Your child will wonder what happened to his milk!
  • Put your clothes inside out and act completely normal. You might even insist that your kids put on their clothes “correctly.”
  • A picture is worth a thousand “April Fool’s Day”: change the background image on your teenager’s computer, phone, iPad or other. The photo could be his parents kissing, him being naked as a baby, a photo of him sleeping, etc.

Funny april fools pranks

Everything is upside down!

Another prank to prepare when everyone is sleeping soundly. Have fun putting as many objects as possible upside down, starting with the children’s room, of course: chairs, frames, trinkets, books, small pieces of furniture. In short, everything that can be returned without too much difficulty. You can already imagine the surprise of your toddlers when they wake up!

There are strange phenomena in the bathroom

By covering the soap in the sink with nail polish, it will be impossible for your child to use it. What’s going on ? I don’t understand anything about it, there’s no more foam… Dad! Father ! Come see ! the soap no longer foams!

Pocket money falling from the sky

Yet another oddity! There are coins on the floor, right there, in front of the entrance. Great! I’m going to be able to go to the convenience store to buy some sweets on my way home from school! thinks your toddler. Yes, but nothing to do to take them off! The pennies seem to stick to the ground… That’s normal, since you’re the one who stuck them with a bit of Super Glue the day before… These pranks aren’t over soon!

A little cat, cute, cute

Well no, it’s not over! April 1st only happens once a year, and you have the right to have a little fun, right? OK! So here’s another (cute) prank for your child. Again, make sure he sleeps soundly. Then draw, with a washable marker, pretty cat whiskers on his little face, and then add a cute little muzzle. It’s perfect ! When he wakes up, laughter guaranteed when he sees that he has turned into a cat during the night! Still, expect criticism to swirl around the playground… “I don’t know what the parents are up to at the moment, but they are really untenable. Same for me, you can’t imagine all they did to me for April Fool ‘s Day! Pfft! They really need to grow up a bit.

April fools pranks on boyfriend

In this period, the desire to have a few laughs is felt more than usual and what better occasion to try to laugh out loud than that of April 1st? We have collected slightly evil pranks to play on your partner. Use these April fools pranks on boyfriend and make him laugh.

The fake marriage proposal

Only one thing could be worse than living together: marriage. Why not arrange a mock proposal, complete with a romantic vibe, kneeling statement, and ring? The hypothesis that she laughs in your face is the most popular, but how would you take it if she said yes? Maybe he might even have understood the deception and her yes could be her April Fool!

The fake vegan speech

There are things you shouldn’t touch him and one of them is the flesh. How would he react if you suddenly told him that you have become vegan and that the matter is so important to you that you can even decide to leave him if he does not give up his steak too? Get ready because the answer to the ultimatum “Choose, either me or the burger” could hurt you a lot.

The fake tattoo

Organize a fake dinner with your friends the night before. If you are good and have a steady hand, draw something really crazy on your forehead in the mirror. A penis, the word W mum, an IBAN code and wake him up with a picture of you and the incredible story of “I shouldn’t have had a drink last night … that’s how it ended”. Will he believe it?

The fake secret admirer

Let’s start with a series of strong stomach jokes. If your boyfriend is the jealous type, it might be best to avoid it. If not … get a friend to send you messages on Instagram or Facebook, with a fake profile. How will your man react to the advances of a complete stranger?

I am pregnant

He would have already booked a ticket to Mexico, if it weren’t for the fact that you can’t leave. But it might also get emotional and at that point, well, you’re going to have to feel very guilty. Don’t settle with restorative sex … children are not a joke, talk about it first, huh!

A girl wrote you …

You found some messages on his phone. Start a scene of jealousy, keeping yourself vague: since it is mere fiction, you cannot risk putting too many details into it. Here, do you know what the risk of this joke is? Discover that the girl really exists … but she is not an April Fool.

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